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Hair tools that dramatically enhance your styling experience. Our Hair Quiz 👇



Curly & Coily Friends: @MandyB Thairapy- Trichologist is here with her top 5 everyday hair care tips.

Our tools of choice for curls and coils? The T3 Featherweight StyleMax paired with the diffuser. T3 Featherweight StyleMax helps retain up to 60% more of hair's natural moisture for healthy, hydrated strands. Pair it with the included diffuser for big-time shine and curl definition.

#T3Hair #HealthyHair #Trichologist #CurlyHairCare #CoilyHairCare
Natural curls and coils? @Alexis Lilly shares 3 things she wishes she knew before when taking care of her curly/coily hair. 

Bonus tip: T3 StyleMax Technology auto-customizes heat to your hair texture and styling goals for better results with less damage

Alexis' Hair Profile: curly/coily, medium/coarse, color treated

#T3Hair #curlyhair #coilyhair #curlyhairtips #coilyhaircare
Let's talk hair cycling! Certified trichologist @MandyB Thairapy- Trichologist is here with a sample routine for highly porous, medium to coarse texture, wavy to curly hair. Sound familiar? Check it out.

Some key points:

1️⃣ Start your week with a clarifying shampoo.

2️⃣ Second wash, focus on hydration💦

3️⃣ Reduce the number of days per week you style with heat.

4️⃣ Use quality styling tools.

T3 tools are designed with advanced heat technology to deliver looks that last through day two.

Drop your hair profile into the comments if you need help figuring out a hair cycling routine!

#T3Hair #HairCycling #HairCare #Trichologist #HairTok  #HighPorosity #CurlyHair #WavyHair
Up your GRWM game. @denise_madrigal shares how she elevates her morning regime with the T3 Source Showerhead, T3 Featherweight StyleMax, and T3 Switch Kit 1.5" clip barrel. Using T3 from start to finish makes for a next-level, healthy hair routine, daily.

Denise's Hair Profile: Straight with wavy extensions, medium texture, color treated

#T3Hair #GRWM #HairStyling #MorningRoutine #FilteredShowerhead #HairTok  
Hair cycling: hype or haircare sorcery? Trichologist @MandyB Thairapy- Trichologist explains the in's and out's of hair cycling and how to create a personalized routine (it's not one-size-fits-all).

Still want a universal fix? No matter your hair type, Mandy recommends using a filtered showerhead like the T3 Source Showerhead. 

The T3 Source Showerhead filters water to reduce free-chlorine and eliminate impurities for a better clean that protects hair's natural hydration. 

#T3Hair #Trichologist #HairCare #FilteredShowerHead #HairCare #HealthyHair #HairTok
We're just out here trying to live our #HairInfluencer dreams. Don't harsh our hair tool fantasies.

First step to hair influencer goals? Healthy hair. T3's powerful performance puts your hair health first. Better heat. Better hair.

#T3Hair #HairTools #HairTok
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