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This is such a great analogy ⛽️ Have you ever felt like this? Can you relate? The newest episode of the Switch4Good podcast with @Dr William Li is LIVE! Listen via the link below and let us know what you think!

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Run, don’t walk, to the grocery story to pick up the new clean, non-gmo, gum-free, and dairy-free oat and cashew milks from our friends at @Forager Project . With only 4 simple ingredients, these milks are nourishing, healthy, fresh and make ditching dairy the easiest it’s ever been! Have you tried them? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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Today is National Breast Cancer Research Day, and in our work to educate the public about Big Dairy and the consequences that come with consuming cow’s milk, we actually discuss cancer quite a bit. “Why?”, you ask. Because evidence-based research shows us that consuming dairy is linked to a higher risk of some cancers, breast cancer being one of them. A major misconception about dietary choices that lead to breast cancer blames soy, which is truly a shame because soy is actually a healthy, nutrient-rich food that protects us against cancer! 👇

A 2020 study (Link BELOW) followed over 50,000 adult women over the course of seven years. Participants were intentionally taken from the Adventist Health Study-2, as many Adventists follow a vegetarian diet and tend to consume significant amounts of soy in comparison to the Standard American Diet. All participants filled out a detailed food questionnaire upon enrollment and a small cohort was selected to provide further 24-hour food recalls and urine samples over the course of the study to ensure accuracy. At the conclusion of the study, 1,057 participants had developed breast cancer. Through further analysis, the researchers found a dramatic increase in risk with as little as a ¼-⅓ cup margin. Women who reported drinking just 8oz. per day increased their risk of breast cancer by 50%, and those who consumed 2-3 glasses of cow’s milk escalated their risk by up to 80% (in comparison to the women who did not drink any cow’s milk).

You can read the full blog post via the link BELOW, or visit Switch4Good.org for a ton of evidence-based research detailing the risks of consuming dairy.


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