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Just some humor for my fellow Cakers and Bakers 🤣 I do not like last minute orders. I do not accept LAST MINUTE cake orders. I don't like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox. I do not like them Kim I am🤣 When I first started my business, I would accept last minute or short notice cakes. Running around gathering items I was missing and praying that I would receive my online items on time...it wasn't worth my sanity, lack of sleep and the stress.  I would love to make something beautiful and tasty for you. But I need ample notice to make it happen. 😘 #bakerylife #entrepreneur #smallbusinesshumor #kimkakes #hamptonroadssmallbusiness  #sweetcravingsbakeryva #bakerbae #lifeofanartist #cakereels #cakeislife  #cakewalk #idontliketotour #cakeartist #cakefunny  created by KimKakes with KimKakes's original sound
My review of the viral Cake Icing Machine....Her name is Pinky. 🎶Music Credit Amorphous YouTube Mashup

After researching what could go wrong with this machine, I made some minor adjustments..and I must say, I like it! I like it a lot. This was my first time using this machine. So I will definitely get faster and more efficient with practice.  I love this machine because I suffer from debilitating back pain. Anything that I can do to save time or stand less..I’m a fan of it. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments.

My Tips:
1. Fill your cake and chill it. It just makes the cake more stable when spinning at higher speeds.

2. Make sure you adhere your cake board to the turntable. This will prevent your cake from flying off the turntable as it spins. I used double sided foam tape.

3. Clean the buttercream off the scrapers before it builds up too much. Don’t do what I did. LOL The extra buttercream may pull icing off the cake.

4. Use a large piping bag or fill 2 piping bags with buttercream so you wont have to stop and refill your bag.

5. It’s okay to stop the machine. I kept trying to fill a hole in the buttercream while it was spinning. Duh, Kim just shut it off. You don’t have to keep it spinning like in all the cool videos. Do what works for you. They make it look so easy, because it’s second nature to them now. You’ll get there too.

6. Follow the directions on the machine. Start at the top of the cake and work your way down.

7. Have fun.. If you prep well, it’s really quite easy. That’s my review.

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