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Sway Me Good is the world's first influencer valuation system.



Kudos to @scarletts_world , for demonstrating her deep concern for food waste and the environment 👍

#swaymegood #foodwaste #environment #mealinspiration #foodie
A special mention to digital creator, @Jodi , showcasing fashion, styling and motherhood.

Jodi collaborates with brands such as Primark, H&M, In The Style, Bohoo, Zara, Schuh, Marks & Spencer to name a few.

One of the campaigns that captivated our attention is her recent promo with Primark. The reel hypnotises your attention from the get-go and positions Primark as a premium clothing brand. Go check it out!

#swaymegood #fashion #motherhood #fashiontips #fashiontiktok
There’s a saying ‘fake it to make it’, but this is not the style for @Taylor-Rae Falconer who claims that honesty is the secret of her success.
Taylor rose to fame during the lockdown and have thousands of followers and millions of video views on her vlogs. Her fans admire her idiosyncratic personality by keeping everyday living real.

#swaymegood #beautytips #beauty
Meet Love Island 2022 contestant Amber Beckford aka @Bambi . Amber was featured on the Love Island show for a two-week period and left a lasting impression.

#swaymegood #amberbeckford #loveisland
Introducing Cheryl @Cheryl - Recycle, Craft & Play who shares simple craft and play ideas with her followers.
One of our favourites is the bottle cap snowflake game, which is a great way for kids to practice counting and matching numbers.
#swaymegood #mumfluencer #crafting #creativemamacrafts #craftsforkids
We’d like to introduce you to @Atia A who is a sewing blogger and content creator, who provides designs and colour inspirations to her followers through DIY fashion and home styling.

#swaymegood #influencer #contentcreator #digitalcreator
Shout out to @Joanna F. Benz

Anything with an engine has always got Joanna’s throttling, especially when it comes to motorbikes. Joanna produces content showcasing the latest superbikes, with test-driving and tips on getting the most out of them to fellow petrolheads.

#swaymegood #contentcreator #influencer #influencermarketing #digitalcreator #tiktokreels
A special mention to @Aadar Malik – actor, musician and standup comedian.

Aadar Malik created a hilarious series called "Boring Tutorials," which are anything but boring. The series features a frustrated and deadpan Aadar walking viewers through various "how-to" lessons that are sure to make you laugh.

#swaymegood #influencer #contentcreator #digitalcreator
Jess Millichamp, aka @jessontheplussize is an advocate for breaking fashion rules no matter your size.
As a fashion and makeup enthusiast, she runs a successful blog, In The Style, and has gained hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

#swaymegood #influencer #digitalcreator #onlineinfluencers #influencermarketing #contentcreator
Today we’d like to shout out @Megan Ackroyd aka Poor London Vegan, who focuses on creating affordable and tasty plant-based meals. Her Instagram and Tiktok accounts feature her own recipes, with cost breakdowns per portion and the supermarket where she bought the ingredients.

#swaymegood #influencer #digitalcreator #onlineinfluencers #influencermarketing #contentcreator #vegan #veganrecipes
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