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Santa Fe Indian Market


101 Years of Indigenous Excellence! Join us August 19-20, 2023 for Indian Market



Best of Class Pueblo Wooden Carvings. 2019 Aaron Honyumptewa (Picuris/Hopi), Aaron's father Stetson taught him the fine art of carving. He continues to stretch his carving with new pieces. #101yearsofindigenousexcellence #IndianMarket2023 #indigenousartists #santafeindianmarket #swaia #indigenousdesigners created by Santa Fe Indian Market with Satria Petir's Wonderful Day
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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
- Vincent van Gogh

Another successful @mvskoke.art.market under the belt. Good to catch up with friends and meet new collectors. The next market won’t be till @santafeindianmarket in August, be sure to check out the website @ofuskie .com for the latest print drops; the link is in the bio. Big “Mvto” to all my supporters & family who came out to see me.

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WL&A Handmade Old Style Sterling Silver & Gem Grade Turquoise Cuffs (Available Website Profile Link)
Handmade old style unisex pieces. Hand wrought Ingot & Tufa Casted with repurposed early 1890s Sterling Silver, cold chiseled, stamped, layered, filed and crowned with a beautiful High Grade American Turquoise. Built to last generations!
Handmade Old Style Jewelry
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Thanks 🖤WL&A
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Spring in New Mexico means lots of wind, dust, and gives me even more reason to hunker down in my studio. New inventory @sorrelskygallery soon.
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Maria “Lilly” Torivio Salvador (Acoma Pueblo) has mastered the art of a long traditional heritage. Now a well-known talented artist, she has combined the artistry of Acoma traditional pottery with being a dedicated weaver, jeweler and acrylic artist.
Maria Lilly grew up in a traditional household. In the shadow of her mother Frances, Maria Lilly became fascinated by the art of pottery. Her mother inherited her artistic values from her own mother, Teofilia Torivio, and taught Maria Lilly how to mold, shape and develop magnificent water jars and figurines with “Respect Mother Earth.” With her hands in Mother Earth clay, Maria Lilly learned the meaning and understood the art and life of pottery.

Maria Lilly hand coils and molds the clay, enhanced with natural plants, stones and other natural resources, to express significant stories, circular rain clouds, falling rain, rainbows, lightening, plants and animals or portraying the beauty of the Acoma parrot design. She is known for her traditional four-pattern designs, signifying the four directions of the Earth, and includes a line break at the mouth and the bottom of each pot to represent the still living Mother Earth.

“I hope that the legacy of Acoma pottery remains in the lives of my children and grandchildren and that my touch will continue to be embedded in the traditional art that was once shared with me, my mother and my grandmother.”
#101yearsofindigenousexcellence #IndianMarket2023 #indigenousartists #santafeindianmarket
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Part of our new SUTV collection is the stunning 3 Row Silver-Gold Star Bracelet.

This exquisite piece is a true standout, with three rows of captivating stars crafted from both silver and gold. Its versatile design allows it to be worn with a variety of outfits and styles, making it a must-have addition to your jewelry collection.

Elevate your look with the SUTV collection.

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