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Susan ✨ Personal Stylist ✨


Intuitive Personal Stylist Top 10% podcast 🎤 award winning author 📖

Today’s episode of the Susan Padron Podcast is such a fun one.

In this episode, I’m honored to be joined by my friend, and work wifey @captured.by.jessicalynn, owner of Jessica Lynn Photography.

Jes and I have been friends for years and have worked on countless projects together. You really get a glimpse of that throughout this episode as we reminisce about our friendship, how we started collaborating from a business standpoint and why it’s so important to find a photographer you connect with personally, whether you’re getting married or planning your next brand shoot.

In between our banter and laughs, we also dive into Jes’s photography experience and the significance of genuine interactions and intentionally documenting authentic and honest moments. Through our chat we share stories and discuss the many similarities we encounter in our respective businesses. One of the main ones being how our values evolve as business owners and how we grow to show up as the most authentic version of ourselves, in business and in life.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! If you haven’t yet — head to my link in bio to download the episode and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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In today’s episode of the Susan Padron Podcast, I’m joined by Kristy Runzer, owner of OnRoute Financial, a financial planning and wealth management firm.

Kristy is a client of mine and I am also a past client of hers, so this episode is extra exciting. Let me tell you, Kristy is magic. Talking about money can be hard, but Kristy’s approach makes it feel comfortable and accessible.

Kristy specializes in helping entrepreneurs and leaders maximize their earnings, build wealth, and create generational wealth. Basically, she helps you create magic with your money to build your dream life.

In this episode, Kristy guides us through the transformations that happen when you master your money mindset, the transition from survival mode to thriving financially, and her overall approach to money. Just like personal style, you have to unlearn some shit in order to shift your perspective when it comes to financial planning and wealth management — Kristy is your gal for that.

I am so excited to be sharing Kristy’s wealth of knowledge (literally) with you all. Make sure to tune in to the full episode so you don’t miss her valuable insights into breaking down financial planning barriers, investing in the stock market, and the power of compound interest.

Link in bio to listen, rate, review and subscribe (if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Cleaning out your closet goes way beyond just getting rid of clothes that no longer serve you.

The journey of cleaning out your closet also allows you to:

- Reflect on your past
- Ask yourself the deeper questions
- Open a new dialogue with yourself
- Take the time to show yourself that you matter

On today’s episode of the Susan Padron Podcast, we dive into the topic of self-discovery through cleaning out your closet and the positive shifts that happen along the way.

I get it. Closet clean outs or “edits” as I like to call them probably seem like the most mundane task but in this episode, I’ll walk you through the profound insights, deep conversations, and transformations that I’ve experienced first-hand with clients through our at-home closet edits.

If you’re ready to experience a shift in your life, it can start with something as simple as cleaning out your closet. It’s all about the baby steps. With the right support in your corner (hi, I can help with that!) the transformations you’ll experience from 1 closet edit can be life changing — in the best way possible.

Get ready to stop settling, feeling like the most YOU version of yourself, and open yourself up to all the opportunities you truly deserve. I have limited spots remaining for Love Your Closet this summer and one of them has your name on it. You deserve to feel your absolute best heading into this fall season. DM me “READY” to claim your spot and link in bio to catch the rest of this podcast episode!

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#onthisday still applies. Love adding texture when doing monochromatic or tonal outfits. #personalstyle #styletips
I’m so excited to share today’s episode with you all. In this episode of the Susan Padron Podcast, I’m joined by @Bethany | Designer , the founder and CEO of Bethany Works Design, a strategic design agency serving clients worldwide, and fellow podcast host of @unbreakablebrandspod

Not only is Bethany a friend, she’s also a client of mine and the creative genius behind my brand, website and podcast design! You can hear what her experience was like working with me over on episode 12 of @unbreakablebrandspod

I so enjoyed chatting with her about the power and importance of branding. Through our discussion, it was so interesting to see the parallels between strategic branding for businesses and how some of those key themes relate to using style to express one’s authentic self.

During this conversation, we delve into Bethany’s fascinating journey to CEO and how she positively impacts women's lives through her business. We talk through what it really means to create a standout brand, the brand discovery process and why it’s so important to feel ready in order to experience the full transformation.

Link in bio to tune into the full episode if you haven’t yet! While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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The conversations happening on the Susan Padron Podcast are real, raw, and unfiltered.

We show up as the most authentic version of ourselves to push boundaries, explore more about the deepest parts of ourselves, and most importantly connect with all of you and have fun while doing so.

Tuning in is like actively giving your soul the support it needs. In a nutshell, we talk about the things you wish you heard on other podcasts.

But don’t take it from us, take it from our listeners:

✨“Not only do I learn valuable styling and fashion advice, but I always feel better after listening”

✨“She creates a safe space for us to breathe and embrace ourselves just as we are”

✨“I find myself remembering her tips when I get dressed and it has definitely shifted my mornings!”

✨“She gives you permission to put yourself first, helps you think through and quiet the guilty feelings for paying attention to your own needs, and offers real life advice”

✨“Susan encourages me to embrace my full self and how I show up, which can be energized by what I wear”

If you’re not listening to the Susan Padron Podcast yet, you’re missing out on some transformative conversations. But don’t worry, season 1 isn’t over yet!

Link in bio to tune in, subscribe, rate and review.

Is there a topic you’d love to hear discussed on the podcast? I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me a DM and let’s chat.

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#duet with @Pear #greenscreen @Jessica Lynn Photo sent this to me, and I feel attacked 😂
If you listen to any of my podcast episodes, I genuinely hope it’s this one.

In the this episode of the Susan Padron Podcast, we dive into the beautiful and transformative experience of supporting a child who comes out as transgender or non-binary.

Not only is this episode a helpful resource for parents supporting their child, many of the tips I share inside this episode can be really helpful for anyone going through major moments of self-discovery and looking to use and incorporate their style as a tool through that self-expression.

You’ll learn some practical ways to create a safe and loving environment for your child and/or loved ones as well as some tips for what not to do.

If you ever feel like you don’t know the right words to say, this is your reminder to take a pause and actively listen. I can’t stress how important it is to be mindful of our behavior while offering positive support. Remember, this journey is not about you.

Tune in as we share insights on providing space for self-discovery, utilizing available resources and navigating conversations with compassion.

The act of supporting self-discovery and exploration has a huge impact on your loved ones. Thank you in advance for taking the time to listen to this episode and bringing attention to these important conversations. Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this episode with your people.

#nonbinarysupport #transgendersupport #inclusivestyle #comingoutsupport #personalstyleexpression #selfdiscoverysupport #selfdiscoveryjourney #healingpodcast #podcastforhealing
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