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Rabbits have a highly specialised digestive system that is fine-tuned to extract maximum nutrition from a high fibre diet. Having a complex system means that gastrointestinal (GI) stasis is one of the clinical signs most commonly presented to vets, with 54% of vets saying that they see rabbits with GI stasis either frequently or often.

GI Stasis is a potentially dangerous condition where the digestive system slows down or stops completely. It can result in a change in bacteria in the gut, which can lead to dysbiosis and in severe cases, can even be fatal. It is therefore essential to seek veterinary advice if you think your rabbit has symptoms.

GI stasis is caused by many things – pain for example, dental spurs, stress, underlying disease making your rabbit feel unwell, or even gastrointestinal blockage. Sometimes we never find out what causes it.

The best way to help prevent GI Stasis is by feeding your rabbits a high fibre diet, with unlimited quality hay, a carefully measured portion of high fibre nuggets, plus a handful of fresh leafy greens and fresh water.

A high fibre diet will help to maintain gastrointestinal function as well as preventing teeth from becoming overgrown, which is another common illness in rabbits which can lead to GI Stasis.

Here are some of the common symptoms you should look out for:

β€’ Loss of appetite
β€’ Hunched posture
β€’ Reduced, smaller or absent poo pellets
β€’ Lethargy
β€’ Loud teeth grinding
β€’ Bloating

One of the main ways to treat GI Stasis with your rabbit is by syringe feeding with a liquid feed such as our Science Selective RecoveryPlus, but always wait until advised by your vet so they can rule out any blockages. Our blog has lots of information on how to syringe feed your rabbit.

Rabbits can often hide any signs of illness, but if your rabbit demonstrates any symptoms of GI Stasis, contact your vet (or emergency vet if out of hours) immediately.
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Just a reminder with the UK's September heatwave to keep your indoor rabbits cool as well as outdoor bunnies, ways you can help to keep your indoor rabbits cool:

β€’ Use a fan to cool down their environment. Make sure the fan isn’t blowing directly onto them and that they can move away from it if they want to. Also, remember to protect those wires too!

β€’ You can purchase ice pods to keep your rabbits cool or simply fill up an empty bottle with water, then freeze and cover it with a sock or pillow case, so your rabbit can lie down by them to cool down. Tiles also provide a cool spot for your rabbit to lie on.

β€’ Blackout blinds or closing any curtains can help to keep the sun out. For outdoor rabbits, you can use a parasol to create some shade.

β€’ Make sure your rabbit has access to plenty of fresh water - add more bowls if needed. You can also offer veggies or herbs soaked in water to help keep them hydrated.

β€’ As rabbits lose heat through their ears, you can dampen them slightly to help cool them down.

β€’ Grooming your rabbit regularly will help to remove any excess fur, plus remember to check their bottoms daily!

β€’ As well as keeping your rabbits cool, it’s essential to keep your rabbits' environment clean as flystrike is more common during the summer months.

For outdoor rabbits, you can follow the same steps as above but if you are struggling to keep their environment cool, it may be safer to bring them indoors to a cooler room during the day.

Please remember never to give your rabbits any ice cubes or frozen food to help cool them down as this can cause digestive problems.

Also, remember never to submerge your rabbits in water to cool them down.

Rabbits can often hide any signs of illness, but if you notice any signs of flystrike or heatstroke (such as lethargy, fast breathing, confusion or unconsciousness) then please contact your vet immediately.
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With the UK's September heatwave expecting to last throughout this week and over the weekend, we thought we would reshare ways to keep your outdoor rabbits cool with @Henry & Moo Moo

β˜€οΈ Position your rabbits' home in natural shade if possible - under trees helps to keep their shed/run cool
β˜€οΈ Open all windows & doors to allow airflow
β˜€οΈ Create shade with a parasol or sail shade
β˜€οΈ Roll-up run covers - PVC is awful in hot sun & creates heat like a greenhouse which will make it unbearably hot inside
β˜€οΈ Check your rabbits' bottoms daily & ensure your rabbits' areas are clean to help prevent fly strike
β˜€οΈ Lavender bags can help keep flies at bay - add these to various parts of your set-up (out of reach from your rabbits)
β˜€οΈ Ice Pods are great for helping to cool your rabbits down. Simply pop them in the freezer - when they are frozen add them to your rabbits' set up for them to lay on. Plastic bottles filled with water & frozen are also good
β˜€οΈ A fan can make a huge difference when it’s extremely hot. Ensure the fan & cables are safely out of reach of your rabbits
β˜€οΈ Provide fresh water throughout the day
β˜€οΈ Place damp towels in areas of your set-up
β˜€οΈ Dampen your rabbit ears with cool water - DO NOT bathe or submerge your rabbit in water
β˜€οΈ Check on your rabbits regularly - do not over-fuss them - they will pick their cool spots to relax.
β˜€οΈ Still allow the garden free roam (fully supervised) as they will find their favourite bit of shade within the garden

Rabbits can often hide any signs of illness, but if you notice any signs of flystrike or heatstroke (such as lethargy, fast breathing, confusion or unconsciousness) then please contact your vet immediately.
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