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SuperSpeed Golf


Faster Swings ➡️ Farther Drives ➡️ Lower Scores ⛳ #1 Swing Speed Training System

How does this 16 year old who just qualified for the LPGA Canadian Women's Open create so much speed?

We assessed Luna Lu earlier this year utilizing several pieces of tech including Smart 2 Move 3D Force Plates to identify opportunities for more speed.

Through some targeted drills using
@The Force Pedal , we were able to increase her lead leg vertical force by 30%, move the timing of this force earlier in her downswing along with increasing her rotational torque by 20%. 

This led to an increase of her driver club-head speed from 92.7 mph to 98 mph.

Combined with a robust physical training program Jason Glass, Luna is well on her way to success.
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