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sunny ✿


🌈🪻📹🎧🔮🐈‍⬛🫧 life’s beautiful & weird (like us)🫶 ig: sunnysxc

we’ve been working so hard🍂 now’s the time to reap our rewards & REST 🫶✨ @holly__bb ’s ‘rain song’ opens the self-care szn playlist i made for us & u can listen via my spotify profile: sunny daydream 🚿🌊💦🫧 #catsoftiktok #rainyday #selfcare
#duet with @nessa it’s alrdy so hard to find community here cuz everyone’s struggling to make ends meet (unless ur born into generational wealth). this city is conservative & queerphobic too. Janessa is a beautiful person inside & out, she’s talented & smart, & she deserves so much better. what she posted is the real vancouver, the most covertly racist & anti-Black city in so-called north america. #beyonceconcert
#stitch with @Sherif El Sahly don’t even get me started on grocery prices 😭 i bought a $4 peach yday 🍑 #vancouver #mostexpensiveplacetolive
#duet with @Aaryn Elan Doyle im not a perfect singer & i actually used to get stage fright (anyone else get bullied) but not anymore cuz i worked on my anxiety. now when that adrenaline hits, i use it to fuel my performances instead of freezing. it’s all abt mindset & how we respond to our body’s physical reactions. & if i can do it, u can du-et too 😜 im gonna start posting a singing duet once a week to challenge myself 🫢 #singwithme #makeyoufeelmylove #singingchallenge
Replying to @SOPH S☉LREIA day 5 of kitty integration!!! i spent every waking hour making sure they had positive interactions. i separated them whenever Angel hissed or chased & bullied Pumpkin, or when Pumpkin scratched & bit Angel. i gave them churu & specific treats when they were together. & i put on music for cats on youtube with purring 🤣 this experience has made me understand how much cats are food & play motivated 🩵 #kittensoftiktok #calicocat #russianblue
Replying to @JustAnotherTikTokUser im an artist in so-called vancouver. there’s an extreme housing crisis & looming climate crisis here. i make art that prioritizes qtbipoc & survivors ❤️‍🩹 i redistribute wealth & resources to marginalized folks when im able. w/o community resources & support, i wouldn’t be here #socialism
Replying to @sentient_opaque billionaires open ur wallets to social causes, underserved communities & mutual aid.. instead of hoarding ur wealth, spending money on $100m homes in every country or buying shares in ur own companies 🧐 $50k means nothing to billionaires but we’re the ones donating to gofundme’s so regular ppl can SURVIVE ?? #latestagecapitalism
#duet with @The History Wizard ppl who hold the capital power to end homelessness but choose not to.. are literal sociopaths & hoarders (of excess wealth). they’re criminals too cuz they made their billions thru exploiting others & destroying the environment/land. personally, i try to invest in sustainable companies & scotia responsible investing ETF’s, recycle/reuse/reduce & compost, & thrift or buy 2ndhand clothing. i use Too Good To Go, volunteer my labour to causes & donate funds to mutual aid when im able. & i will never need a billion dollars (but if i had the money, i’d end homelessness cuz im not a sociopath)! #thehistorywizard
Replying to @holly__bb 💓 ur remix of ocean girl is my fave healing song. i hope to make more art w u sis 🎶📼 #singersongwriter #musiciansoftiktok
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