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Honored to be giving a keynote  “Lead Well, Live Well, Serve Well: The Power of Resilience” today at #BlackBusinessOlympics, September Edition, Day 3, Evening Session - youtube.com/live/ETe2Ahmo1jE?=80Aa56GrD67laQR9 #melanatedentrepreneur #blackbusiness #reclaimyourpower
#greenscreenvideo I’m not sure if it was satire, genuine confusion about how to behave respectfully around people who belong to protected classes, or agent behavior. Bit it matters not.

Hopefully this will help clear things up for any with questions as it pertains to #thecrownact or other issues unique to #poc

Everyone has a right to their own boundaries. Unsolicited and unwanted attention would normally fall under the harassment category. This should too, but unfortunately as a society we are still working to resolve this issue. So that poc can go to work, school and other places without being singled out based on their hair.

So until you understand boundaries or just the simple preferences of the people you interact with, maybe don’t give compliments… At all.

Hope this helps. #educationalpurposesonly
Replying to @Louis Morgan right?!?!?! Thank you for saying this! Prank’s should be harmless. This is assault!

YT people yall need to start regulating yourselves and managing your own families, friends and agencies. Stop trying to convince us we are imagining things, or that theres more we need to do just to be free to live and function in this society the same as everyone else without being attacked! #melanatedgoddess #humanrights #donttreadonme #indigenous #starseed #truthteller #wisdom #genx #bullyproof #aintnobodyscaredofyou 🐉🔥💨💨💨💨💨💨
Replying to @Domonique🍦 OMG thiiiissss!!!!

Who else has been reading lips & body language their entire lives to hear!?!?!

The screw fell out the other day and if it was anything else I promise I would not have gotten up from my comfortable corner to deal with it. But I couldn’t continue listening to my audiobook without then! 😳🤓😩😂😂🤣🤣🤣

But at the same time they’ve become an accessory that I absolutely love!!! #rosecoloredglasses #Aspie #neurodivergent #spd #autizzy #blerd #tintedlenses #asd
Did you know that the challenges faced by children and spouses of veterans are often overlooked?
In our latest series, we delve deep into these untold stories. Listen now on Spotify!
Download the Wisdom app and join us every Wednesday at 4:20 pm PST for the
#LivingSugarFree Lifestyle Show with me, your host #AndreaRaquel #TheSocialEntrepreneur and #SugarFreeCoach
You may be a B.R.A.T. or a spouse who’s never received support or you know people who are. I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your journey. I promise you will find something relevant and maybe even useful.
Take some time to get to know the sponsor of this series 🫶🏽 #v2fosteringchange 🫶🏽 and advocate for families in crisis, specifically orphans, many of whom have been affected by war, trauma, separation, death, disability, and chemical toxins as military children. You can visit their page, check out their website, find resources and support or get involved in anyway you can.
The goal of the next five weeks is to amplify untold stories, build bridges and bridge gaps, as well as shed light on available resources.
#duet with @Sf #worldnews what the fuuuuuuuuhhhhhkkkk?

For those who dont believe the POTUS isnt in charge. Here’s your sign! 😏

Who exactly is he talking about. I dodnt see it. I dont know and to be honest dont really care. Bit I heard that right before this he said, “I just work here.” 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #POTUS #Amaruka #TurtleIsland #Shift #Draco #RiseofTheKhans
Replying to @_SimplyDeniseG you are right! It is way too convoluted!

I hope this helps. If not let me know if I didn’t understand the question or of I can clarify mote. Love you 💕💕💕💕
Replying to @_SimplyDeniseG which items. Are you talking about the #tiktokshop other brands you are an #ambassador #influencer for, or items you sell directly?
Replying to @Tru.catalyst4change thanks so much queen!!!! But my jeans dont fit! 😫

I still wear ‘em, but just with sneakers. Its not the same look ya know?

Anywho reposting again because the purse is back in stock and the link disappeared from the other video. This is a great product and the entire shop is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #ootd #tiktokshop #shoptiktok #tiktokmademebuyit #styleinfluencer #fashioninfluencer #blerdfashion #countrygirlswag
A sprinkling of my recent #temuhaulreview below

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#livingsugarfree #sugarfreecoach #retailinfluencer #brandinfluencer #alchemist #resource #ARY #ARTY #foreveryoung
#duet with @Tees2Cents #Duet I love you so much!!!

Just know if you come across my page w/ that foolishness and are crying out for some coaching from a male perspective, you will be getting it from him. 😉 #lovemymarine #yalldontwantnone #sexyred I called her #sweetred last time 😂
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