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Artful & sustainable jewelry inspired by Asian American culture, handmade in NYC

Recently I got to pop up at the @Welcome to Chinatown Hub and showcase my collection in the nonprofit’s new space for small business innovation.

I loved seeing what pieces customers gravitated toward—I was especially pleased to see a lot of people drawn to the Smoke Billow Bicep Cuff and Baby Boba Ear Cuff, my newest pieces.

It was an honor to be alongside the historic Ting’s Gift Shop, which showcased their gorgeous deadstock vintage clothing and goods, the always wonderful Dae Tea and their delicious teas, and lovely local gua sha shop Ginger Chi.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to Welcome to Chinatown for hosting us! 💞

Special thanks to @Vanessa for the footage and for working the pop-up with me! 🥹

If you couldn’t make it this time, my next pop-ups are coming up on Nov. 18 and Dec. 10—save the dates! 🗓️

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Hi guys! Last month I got to participate in a mini Shark Tank-like event called “So You Think You Can Pitch,” which was hosted by the nonprofit @Welcome to Chinatown at their newly launched Small Business Innovation Hub.

I had the honor of pitching to Sahra Nguyen @Sahra Nguyen of @nguyencoffeesupply , @Maurice Ng of Tings Capital and Sam Yoo of @Golden Diner , and Lisa Hope King was our moderator.

I wanted to share a few highlights from my 3-minute pitch and some of the helpful feedback. I’m so grateful that Welcome to Chinatown created a space where entrepreneurs at any stage can grow, network and collaborate. They’re still fundraising to meet their goal for renovating the Hub, so please consider checking out their future programming, donating and sharing.

A very special thanks to @ultrapuggy for capturing footage at the event 🥹🎞️

#smallbusiness #femalefounder #womeninbusiness #asiantiktok #jewelrybusiness
@ultrapuggy in the glow of post-workout handstand practice this weekend makes me excited for a healthy and fit week ahead 🤸🏻‍♂️ ⁠

Wearing the Double Happiness Box Chain Necklace in recycled sterling silver—a good sweat-resistant piece since the chains are stainless steel 💦⁠
Drooling over seven days a week in SUBLIMA ~ love @Vanessa ’s curated drip and seeing how the jewels can be dressed up or down in so many ways 🙇🏻‍♀️

Which is your favorite fit? 👀

#jewelrytok #streetstylefashion #summerjewelry #everydayjewelry #outfitideas #styleinspo
Last week I showcased my jewelry at NY Now with @Bulletin Incubator, and it was my first ever trade show, with the purpose of meeting retail stores to introduce my collection.

I got to meet a range of boutique owners, retail buyers, and even members of the press. Getting into stores is a relatively new area of growth for my business, and I loved showcasing my work to see the appetite for SUBLIMA. As always, I also loved seeing what pieces buyers and even fellow exhibitors gravitated toward.

I’m excited to fulfill store orders and follow up in these coming weeks 🛍️

#tradeshow #jewelrybusiness #handmadejewlery #femalefounded #asianfounded #supportsmallbiz
I met dancer and model @Haze kim a few years ago, originally on Instagram and then not too long after IRL since we’re both based in NYC.⁠

I love her grace and attitude on the dance floor through her waving style. I often think of her art as a medium for the jewelry, because the output of Haze’s mindset and work ethic to hone her craft is mesmerizing flow-state self expression. ⁠

I see parallels between that and how artful jewelry can help adorn and proudly express more hidden elements of each of us, as we present ourselves to the world.⁠

Featuring the Smoke Billow Bicep Cuff, Yves Knuckle Ring and Xiaolongbao Soup Dumpling Hoops in recycled brass⁠ on Haze 🌊⁠

#waving #wavingdance #armcuff #bicepcuff #freestyle #asiandancer #flowstate #selfexpression #asianfounded #asianstreetstyle
Had a blast at the opening reception of “ON THE WAY,” a month-gallery and tea shop experience hosted by Empire Taste and curated by @jocehu and Thomas of Dae Tea.

I loved seeing and meeting new and repeat customers, and fellow artists and designers and their work—posting a lil’ overview so you can get a sense of what it’s like. If you’re in NYC, you can visit any time in July!⁠

It’s always a treat to see what pieces people gravitate toward. This was my first pop-up where I wore the new Baby Boba Ear Cuff (launching on the site Thursday!) and I’m so pleased people asked about it and sold out my small batch of inventory—it was definitely the bestseller of the night.⁠

Through July, I’ll have select bestsellers to showcase and sell at the space, so feel free to swing by later in the month to try on and shop the Boba Tea Ring, Decorative Edge Spiral Ring, Oyster Hoops, Double Happiness Drop Earrings and Double Happiness Box Chain Necklace. (All at 15% off.) And more artists’ dope merch!⁠

“ON THE WAY” is on view through July 30th, with fresh tea daily! ⁠

48 Hester Street⁠
New York, NY⁠ 10002⁠
Hours: Tues-Sun, 11am-7pm⁠

#nycpopup #lowereastsidenyc #jewelrypopup #artgallerynyc #aapibrand #asianjewelry #asianartists #nycgo #chinesestreetfashion #supportaapiartists #asianamericanartists
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