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Stuffed Toys Hospital


Working wonders on toys💕✨



Toffee Twist is a 1m vintage bear from England, with rotating mechanisms in his joints (neck, arms and legs) and filled with styrofoam stuffings. We understand that most guardians would want to keep as much of the original parts as possible, however there are certain circumstances that would not allow that.

For instance, Toffee Twist's stuffings were really dirty, smelled bad and we also found some small bugs inside. Due to hygiene reasons, we had to throw his stuffings out even before informing his guardian. I guess in that moment we were just busy trying to contain the bugs, ensuring that they don't spread all over our house and to other patients🥲 Additionally, we were not able restore his mechanical parts because his fabric was already torn. Instead, his joints were all stitched back in place (i.e. not moveable anymore).

The cleaning process for Toffee Twist was also absolutely INSANE. He's such a big and heavy bear, and the dirt had already been ingrained in his fabric. I swear the hand scrubbing and just handling him was a workout on its own🏋🏻‍♀️ On top of that, his thick fabric meant that he could not dry easily, and we had to constantly monitor his condition to ensure that his fabric dries completely. In fact, he actually smelled bad after the first round of cleaning because his fabric could not dry properly due to weather conditions.

Actually the most mentally and physically taxing repairs ever, and yet it's so satisfying to see Toffee Twist clean and smelling all good, with his joints all reattached properly again🥺 We were also super thrilled to hear from his guardian that the children at home were really happy with his transformation and can hug him comfortably again🥰

Stay soft, Toffee Twist🫶🏻

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Saving Tigger🥰 | Tigger's owners reached out to us last year to help save Tigger. Back then, we would probably have rejected the admission of Tigger - however, we have since gained more skills and experience to take up this very, very challenging repair. Swipe to see the process of how Tigger's snout was recreated, with detailed description below:

1) Sourcing of materials | We were lucky that our supplier had a very similar fabric type and colour tone in stock, and quickly purchased it for Tigger. Although it was a little too thin, it was still manageable, and we could create two layers of covering for Tigger anyway.

2) Initially, we recommended embroidering a new pair of eyes and eyebrows for Tigger. However, we realised that his original features were coming off, and could easily be peeled off. So we salvaged his features, for transplant over to his new face.

3) In order to retain Tigger's snout shape as much as possible, we suggested to do fabric overlay (instead of fabric replacement, which involved complete removal of the original fabric, and re-stitching his new yellow snout back in place). While it did take a few hours to figure out exactly how his snout should be cut and sewn on, it was more than worthwhile. You could still see through the fabric to the stuffings with only one layer (since the new fabric is quite thin), so a second layer was made, creating a much better look.

4) We even re-stitched his mouth and two black lines on each side of his face, which was originally covered up by the new fabric overlaid - it was our way of trying to retain as much of his features as possible.

A big fat thank you to Tigger's owners for entrusting Tigger in our care, and being so patient with us while we took some time to figure things out along the way. We hope Tigger will be able to stay with you guys for a long time to come💕

Stay soft, Tigger!🫶🏻

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#question from stuffedtoyshospital Yesterday, @mothershipsg uploaded a video explaining why we are so obsessed with our chou chous. Now, we want to ask our REAL chou chou lovers and hugaholics YOUR reasons why you still love your chou chou! No shame, no shade - we are just excited to know more!😆

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It's always hard to manage #grief , and it definitely takes a lot of time and courage to "get over" the #death of a loved one, humans and pets alike. We received a proposal to make a #memorybear out of a family pet dog's clothes, as a #keepsake after Jojo's death. It was a joint effort, with the owner being specific about the fabric parts that she would like to keep and providing more than sufficient pieces of clothing for us to work with, making the design phase smooth sailing. Each piece of clothing was carefully cut with the design in mind and assembled to perfection. We hope that this keepsake bear will help Jojo's family remember him for a long time to come, while helping them tide through this tough period of time❤ #stuffedanimalrestoration #stuffedtoyshospital #smallbusiness #mentalhealth
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