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art&design studio by ben lucke www.studiowall.xyz



colored pencil drawing in progress. light layer of goauche to start then warped grid turned into warped checkboard.  #artist #artistsoftiktok #studio #contemporaryart  #workinprogress #coloredpencil #goauche #warped #checkerboard #meditation  created by studiowall.xyz with 's Little Things
Ode to Kusama (in the Style of Infinity Nets)

My friend
@bigchowd came through yet again to help document the process of making my newest painting.

You can also hear two snippets of a conversation we had about the origins and inspiration behind my work. The first being the introduction of dyes into a fine arts setting. I got really into dyeing t-shirts and other garments in the beginning of 2020 and that skyrocketed during the pandemic. I had a big canvas drop cloth in my basement where I would dye that collected spills and drips and drops. This acted a sort of record of action and accidents over the course of a year. For some reason I felt like I needed a new clean drop cloth, so I picked up the old one, hung it up to get it out of the way, and saw the potential of composition that had been created. I built a frame, stretched the canvas, hung it on the wall, and all of a sudden I had a painting that I never meant to create. From that day forward, dyes have been a central part of my painting practice.

In the second snippet, I’m describing about what I enjoy about the infinity nets series. When the whole painting is a field of repeating marks, each slightly different than the last, you’re forced to look closely to understand the nuances between them. And I like to stare at them for a long time.

Original Score by @dakotatheim
Special Thanks to @goodfriendmax for his space

#studio #artist #colors #workinprogress #painting #contemporaryart #dye
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