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TORONTO HAIR SALON Artists Combining the worlds of Hair & Fashion

@kahairstylist 👩🏼👱🏿‍♀️👩🏽‍🦳How to achieve a dimensional blonde, Step one:

🔈Sound on for the most tips And watch to the end for the final look👀

🥳Top tips for the most lift

1. CHOOSING YOUR PRODUCT, and keeping it fresh. If you decide a 20 volume will give you the lift you need, then make sure you’re consistently getting a 20 volume result. You can do this by making sure that product is always fresh. My rule of thumb is I only mix up what I can apply in 25-30 minutes. After that 30 minutes is up we’re not gonna be getting a consistent 20 volume lift out of that product. Yes, we will get some lift but not as much as that first foil. As we know, product is already developing in the bowl the moment we mix it up. Meaning even though we have an hour of lift in the product, that first 30 minutes is going to give us the most amount of lift.

2. SATURATION, Fully Saturate the section. If you can see in the video I’m doing a diagonal sweep with the brush down the section. This is ensuring that I’m getting the most amount of product throughout the whole section so there isn’t any dry areas. This gives us the most lift that we can with the product

3. CHOOSING YOUR FOILS. It’s not news that I love the upsweep Poppin Bubbles Foils. But especially for a technique like this the extra length and the texture of the foil, helps out foil stick to the hair, and also ensures I have enough length to fit all of those ends in that foil.

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