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Stoyan Yankov


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Does the company you work for genuinely care for you? #culture #employeeengagement #belonging #care #productivity #performance  created by Stoyan Yankov with Stoyan Yankov’s original sound
Web Summit 🇵🇹 ==> One of these events where the FOMO is real. 👇🏼
70,000+ attendees
800+ speakers
2,600+ startups
900+ investors
2,100+ members of the media
20+ stages

Where do you start? How to get the most out of it?
In such events
#prioritization becomes key.

And of course one of the greatest values of such an event is the opportunity to network and make meaningful connections.

It's not always easy and it could be difficult, especially for more introverted people to be proactive and make the first step.

But in reality many people are on the same boat.
They are also willing to talk to people, but not comfortable to start a conversation with someone new.

Make a move. Introduce yourself. Even if it's a group of people talking. It's ok. It's a conference. It's a networking event. In some rare occasions you might feel the energy is off. And perhaps the group had some private conversation or the vibe is not matching. That's ok. Just kindly wish people a good day and move on to the next group.

A great piece of advice I learned from Jack Canfield.
When you are not feeling comfortable at a networking event, just imagine you are the host of the event. It's a mindshift and it works. As a host it's your job to stop by all the people and ask them "Hey how are you guys feeling? Do you need anything? Enjoying the event?". Once you open the conversation you are in and you can continue networking.

@Nicoleta Alina and I definitely have met many great people. ✅
Exceptional event and I hope to see you on Web Summit 2024!
Setting yourself up for a #productive week starts already on Sunday ✅ Time to put some effort to prioritise and get the most of next week. Follow this 1 simple strategy for the next 7 days. And let me know how your productivity increased. You will thank me later. Let’s do this 🔥 #timemanagement #productivity #performance #leadership #GTD #peakperformance #personalgrowth #goals #priorities
Warm greetings from Baku 🇦🇿 Supporting the #innovation ecosystem with a Global Pre-revenue program by "PASHA Holding" LLC, Innovation and Digital Development Agency and Startup Wise Guys.

The PERFORM methodology is a core pillar of the program and the #startups from the region have been learning how to be become better leaders and build strong and sustainable teams.

We had a number of sessions covering fundamental topics such as :
▪ Entrepreneurship and mindset
▪ Founders alignment
▪ Purpose and values
▪ Roles and Responsibilities
▪ Personal #Leadership
#Productivity and Planning
▪ Focus and Execution
▪ Building and managing a #team
▪ Personal branding and thought leadership

We've been navigating through formats :
☑ Lecturing
☑ Workshops
☑ Group discussions
☑ Mastermind session
☑ Q&As
☑ 1-1 sessions...

The program is a reality thanks to the fantastic team behind it: Razvan Suta, Brianna Quintero, Alona Belinska, Vladyslav Yevstafiev, Timi Ilze, Yevgeniya Bikmurzina, Rustam Madadzada to name a few. 🌎

Massive thanks for everyone joining and making it an engaged learning experience. Amina Aliyeva, Kamal Agayev, Emin Huseynzade, Jamil Huseynzada, Azer Mukhtarov, Nariman Ahmadov, Subhan Mehdiyev, Edalet Mehreliyev, Sarkhan Mammadli, Aysel Racabova, Nahid Asgarli, Shikhkarim Mammadov, Shargiyya Rahimli.

Let me know what were your key learnings and takeaways so far! 🔥
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