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Cali Elopement Photographer


Yosemite & California Adventure Elopement, Wedding and Senior photographer

Here’s how 👇

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Hey couples photographers! Have you ever wondered how to capture a set of images that tell a story? I’m going to share with you my biggest tips that I use to evoke real emotions and tell a couple’s genuine story!

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Ready to Tell a Story Together?

Here are some tips to capture those candid, heartfelt moments:

1. 🤩 Prompt, Don’t Pose: Instead of stressing over perfect poses, give your couples fun and engaging prompts. Ask them to whisper a secret, share a goofy joke, or reenact their first date. You’ll capture genuine emotions and smiles.

2. 📷 Mix It Up: Variety is the spice of life! Experiment with different viewpoints to add depth to your story. Go wide for scenic shots, get up close for those intimate details, and try a point of view shot to see the world through their eyes. And we all know instagram loves portrait-aimed shots, but don’t be afraid to shoot in landscape mode too!

3. 🕺 Move and Groove: Encourage movement! Have your subjects walk hand in hand, dance, or spin around. Running, playing tag, riding a bicycle, or a nice dip or lift is fun too! Movement not only adds energy to your photos but also helps couples feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

4. 🌟 Activity-Based Sessions: Plan sessions around fun activities. Take them on a boat ride, capture their competitive side with a board game, create a cozy picnic scene, or indulge in a sweet ice cream date. These activities create memorable moments to document.

Remember, your goal is to capture the love, connection, and unique story of each couple. So, embrace the spontaneity, have fun, and let those beautiful narratives unfold in your photos. Happy storytelling! 📷💑

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🌟 Hey Engaged Brides! Let’s talk about why ditching that big wedding for an adventure elopement is the BEST decision ever! 🌿💍

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🤥 Okay how about 10 instead of 1, and they’re all 💯 worth changing the plans and choosing an adventure over a party!

1. 💑 Intimate Moments: Forget the crowd; eloping lets you savor every moment with your love in a tranquil setting. No audience, just pure connection.

2. 🌍 Epic Locations: Imagine saying “I do” atop a mountain, by a waterfall, or on a sandy beach! Adventures make for unforgettable backdrops. (Tooting my own horn here: I’m pretty great at finding these, check out some of my work!)

3. 💰 Budget Bliss: Say goodbye to wedding expenses that drain your bank account. Invest in your future adventures instead!

4. 📸 Stunning Photos: Smaller ceremonies mean more photo opportunities, and trust us, your elopement pics will be jaw-dropping.

Speaking of which 📸 FOLLOW ME 📸 so I can show you some gorgeous examples of what I mean…

5. 💃 Dress Comfort: Rock your dream attire without worrying about navigating a big ballroom in it!

6. 🌞 Stress-Free Planning: Elopements are all about you, making planning a breeze. No need to worry about catering or seating charts.

7. 🎉 Personalize It: Create a ceremony that’s 100% YOU. Write your own vows, include your favorite traditions, or bring your fur babies along!

8. 🤸‍♀️ Adventure Honeymoon: Your elopement is just the start! Dive into an epic adventure honeymoon right after tying the knot.

9. 🪙 Save for Future: The money you save can go toward a down payment on a house, epic vacations, or building your dream life together.

10. ❤️ Unforgettable Bond: Adventure elopements create unique memories that will deepen your bond as a couple for a lifetime.

So, gorgeous brides-to-be, consider trading the big wedding for an epic adventure elopement. It’s YOUR day, YOUR way! 🌄👰‍♀️💫

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5 Things Brides want you to know NOT to do at their Wedding 👇

Brides Wish They Could Tell Their Wedding Guests these things 💬✨

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Hey there, lovely guests! 💐 We’re about to spill some wedding tea ☕, straight from the heart of brides everywhere. Here are 5 things we secretly wish we could tell you not to do at our special day:

1️⃣ **Don’t Be Late!**: We know life happens, but please, try your best to be on time. We want to start the party and savor every moment with you.

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2️⃣ **Respect the Seating Plan**: We’ve spent hours arranging seating to ensure everyone has a blast. Please don’t go rogue and swap your place without asking.

3️⃣ **Put Away Your Phones**: We’ve hired photographers, so you can relax and enjoy. Don’t block our professional shots with your phone or iPad, and save the social media posts for later!

4️⃣ **Don’t Overload on the Booze**: We love a good time, but please drink responsibly. We don’t want to witness any dance floor disasters (unless they’re the fun kind!).

5️⃣ **Surprises Aren’t Always Fun**: Surprise toasts or speeches? Let’s coordinate with the MC or maid of honor. Surprise dances? Check in with us first. We appreciate the thought, but coordination makes the day run smoother.

Remember, we adore you all and are so grateful you’re celebrating with us! These little tips help make our big day even more magical. 🥂💍💕

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Here are the top 5 reasons why eloping might be your ultimate adventure 👇

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Elopement: It’s not just about “running away,” it’s about running towards something beautiful! Here are some reasons why eloping might be the best option for you and your honey 🫶🏼

1️⃣ **Intimate Moments**: It’s all about just you two! No crowd, no fuss. You get to savor every second together without distractions.

2️⃣ **Picture-Perfect Locations**: Choose ANY dreamy location you’ve been fantasizing about. Say “I do” with a breathtaking backdrop, be it a mountaintop, a beach, or a charming city alley.

3️⃣ **Budget Bliss**: Spend more on what matters - your future together! Eloping often means more money in the bank for that dream honeymoon or first home.

4️⃣ **Zero Stress Zone**: Forget seating charts, complicated schedules, and family dramas. Elopements are stress-free, allowing you to focus on your love and happiness.

5️⃣ **Unforgettable Adventure**: Eloping is an epic adventure! It’s a story you’ll tell for a lifetime, filled with spontaneity and romance.

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So, if you’re ready to embark on a unique journey of love and celebration, consider eloping! 💑💍 Share this post if you know someone who’s thinking about taking the plunge into elopement bliss! 📣❤️

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Channeling Your Inner Lana Del Rey: Senior Portrait Edition ✨📸

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Senior year is your time to shine, and what better way to capture your unique essence than by taking inspiration from the iconic Lana Del Rey? Here’s how to infuse that retro glamour into your senior portrait session:

1. **Vintage Vibes:** Lana’s style is all about a vintage, timeless look. Consider incorporating retro outfits, accessories, or even shooting in a classic setting to transport yourself to another era.

2. **Confidence is Key:** Lana exudes confidence in her photos. Embrace your inner starlet and strut your stuff with poise and self-assuredness.

3. **Embrace Moody Lighting:** Lana’s photos often feature moody, cinematic lighting. Work with your photographer to create dramatic, shadowy effects that add depth and mystery to your shots.

4. **Play with Props:** Lana’s visuals often include props like flowers, vintage cars, or even Polaroid cameras. Think about items that reflect your personality and interests to make your photos truly unique.

5. **Express Emotion:** Lana’s music is all about emotion, so don’t be afraid to express yours during the shoot. Whether it’s a sultry gaze or a radiant smile, let your feelings shine through.

6. **Editorial Touch:** Consider editing your photos with a hint of vintage filter or soft-focus effects to achieve that Lana Del Rey dreaminess.

Remember, your senior portrait session is a celebration of your journey. By infusing a bit of Lana’s timeless allure, you’ll create photos that capture the essence of your senior year in a way that’s uniquely you. 🌟📷

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