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I’ve merged two guitar lessons I’d posted over a year ago into this re-edit. They’re licks from Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne, as written by the late great Randy Rhoads.

I’ve met many kind and well-meaning people on social media telling me how well I can shred. But tbh, I LOATH the term because I loath shredders 😅

So many of these types of guitarists treat guitar playing as some sort of athletic competition rather than the art form that it‘s supposed to be. While they may be great at putting together a solo with a real cool-sounding finger pattern, they’re not so great at putting together a cool-sounding melody. Or a chord progression for that matter.

It’s gotten to a point where all of them sound the same to me. And if they all sound the same to ME, imagine what they must sound like to your average music fan - probably like a nest of angry bees.

I’ve always considered myself more of a songwriter than a guitarist, and to me, this is why someone like Randy stood apart from the rest - he could actually WRITE.

He could put together a fantastic sounding chord progression and lay a beautifully melodic solo on top of it with fantastic technical skill.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Randy was a one-off; I haven’t come across any guitarist who can write songs as well as he could and play with such a high level of skill.

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