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𝐒卂ᶰ ⒻᖇΔή𝒸Ⓘ𝓼ς𝓞 𝓡𝕖คℓ𝓽σŕ


www.CallStephanie.com San Francisco Realtor Duranie

1st timer of #80sinthesand TheSands.rocks #80sinthesand2023 reporting in & I LOVED IT!!!! ❤️🥳👏💯🎶🏝️🎉 Steve Robinson & his team sure know how to throw a week long PAR-TAY!!! 👏Anne Bakstad is the OG of this 80s community event and it #totallyruled 🤘If you are looking to rock, dance, party, build camaraderie with like-minded people who LOVE 80s music and neon then this is the place for YOU! 1500 people with only good vibes on their minds is something we need more than ever…

I CAN’T WAIT for 2024!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💯 #frankiegoestohollywood #billyocean #level42 #maryjanegirls to name a few will be there.

#PlanetHollywoodCancun staff were polite and attentive…the resort had so many places to eat, bottomless cold water bottles, & cocktails/beers, a cinema, a concert hall, dance club and multiple pools and bands playing for 12 hours a day PLUS there are “meet n’ greets” with the bands, MTV VJs and movie stars - it can be whatever you want it to be…booming or chillin’ - there’s something for everybody 🤩 PS - next year I’m getting a massage & who knew I’d love swimming so much!!! 🤣

Highlights - meeting so many members of my #duranietribe ❤️❤️❤️🥳 #richardblade #markgoodman #martinfry #Sanders
#sphereu2 #lasvegas #callstephanie #fun #love #amazing I can’t wait to go back!!! ❤️💯👏🤘❤️@U2
#octoberlondon #lovewins #sexymusic I listen to this record multiple times a day!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥❤️💯👏😘
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