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Stephanie Big Eagle


Catalyst, Trad'l Tattooist ⚡️ONLY ACCOUNT⚡️ Author | Artist Cultural 🐎manship


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Replying to @gerald_vandaele Some Chiye-Tanka or Bigfoot teachings for all those who've asked. #bigfoot #multidimensionalbeings #nativetiktok #story #otherwordly #beings #indigenous #culture #nativeamerican #lakota #dakota  created by Stephanie Big Eagle with Stephanie Big Eagle’s original sound
#stitch with @Around The Way Girl @Daily Mail Other-Wordly Beings are real and you can believe it or not but when you see it for yourself there's no denying it. Sometimes they shape-shift and take human form, and sometimes they show their true form Iike they did to me #story #littlepeople #otherwordly #beings #aliens #indigenous #culture #nativeamerican #lakota #dakota #foryou #nativetiktok
#duet with @UFOsAroundTheWorld #mexicancongress We are not alone. Indigenous Oral History tells these stories and speaks of other-worldly beings. We call the "good" ones Star Beings or the Star Nation. #nativeamericanheritagemonth
An introductory course and informational webinar for those interested in the art of Traditional Handpoke Tattooing. For tattoo artists interested in learning more about Handpoke Tattooing, and those interested in the Traditional practice without becoming a practitioner. November 19, 2023. The link to register is in my bio.

This course will focus on Traditional Handpoke Tattoo history from an Indigenous perspective, particularly from the Tribes of Great Turtle Island (the Americas and Canada), and will touch on international Traditional Tattoo teachings.

This course is taught by Stephanie Big Eagle (Dakota/Lakota/Nordic), the founder of Thunderbird Rising Studios. She is an experienced Traditional Handpoke Tattoo artist and educator that is featured in Skindigenous, a 13-part documentary series that features Indigenous Tattooing Traditions around the world, which has aired on APTN, PBS, and more. She has studied with Traditional artists internationally, and has learned from a handful of elders who passed their knowledge down to her.

Makade Makwa Ikwe, a Traditional Indigenous Tattoo artist based in Canada, is a featured panelist.

Learn about the deep meanings behind Traditional Tattoos, see examples of Traditional Tattooing and tools used, and find out if Traditional Tattooing is meant for you as a practitioner and/or a bearer.

This course is 1 hour 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes is dedicated to a Q&A session where selected questions that are submitted in a chat during the course will be answered.
#tattoo #challenging #stereotypes #didyouknow #traditionaltattoo #indigenous #Native #culture #nativeamericanheritagemonth
#onthisday repost from 2022. The message is still loud and clear! Tag on ear or not - The White Buffalo represents the approaching fulfillment of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy given to the people of the Oceti Sakowin, the 7 Council Fires of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota bands of the Great Sioux Nation.

This sacred Spirit Woman came to our people 19 generations ago and brought us the canupa, the prayer pipe, along with the teachings of a powerful ceremonial way of life that has seen us thru many generations of prophesized suffering, during which we would lose almost everything.

However, she foretold that the end of this suffering and her return to walk amongst us would be indicated by the birth and appearance of the white buffalo. The tag on the ear of this white buffalo indicates the abundance of white buffalo that now walk the Earth! There are over 50 recorded white buffalo now, and more are being birthed each year!

The white buffalo indicates a choice that humanity must make between two paths - one of destruction (our current path), or one of reconciliation and balance. What choice do you make?

#whitebuffalo #buffalo #whitebuffalocalfwoman #prophecy #lakota #dakota #sioux #nativetiktok #hope #change #nativeamericanheritagemonth
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