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#ad Have you tried my Gilgeori toast yet? Korean street toast is not your basic egg sandwich. It’s made with buttery toasted bread, eggs, lots of veggies, and a unique combination of condiments that makes it a stand-out sweet & savory dish! ​

This is one of my favorite ways to get my husband to eat more vegetables. He LOVES Korean street toast and asks for it a lot! We love eggs and how there are million ways to enjoy them and benefit from their high-quality protein! @Incredible Egg

Link to recipe in bio. ​

#eggs #koreanstreettoast #gilgeoritoast #koreanfood

To ensure food safety, cook eggs to 160 degrees​
#ad I LOVE eggs! I always enjoy a good egg breakfast, but there are so many other delicious things you can make with eggs. One of my favorites is gyeran-mari, a Korean rolled omelet side dish that can be eaten for any meal of the day.

Eggs are an all-around nutrient powerhouse, a complete protein with essential vitamins and minerals. To make this even more protein-packed, you can add things like turkey, tuna, or ham. It’s also common to add seaweed, cheese, or other vegetables @Incredible Egg

The full recipe is on my blog as always!

Discover how eggs deliver benefits beyond eggspectations at IncredibleEgg.org/invaluableegg

#eggs #omelet #gyeranmari #koreanfood
#ad It’s back to school time! Sharing one of my favorite lunchbox dishes my mom used to make for me as a kid… until I foolishly asked her to stop because I was embarrassed by my ethnic foods 😭 who else can relate?

My mom used to make me this “sushi” which is actually musubi but she didn’t know that name at the time. Today I’m making it into the viral crispy rice taco, with a kimchi mayo and some roasted seaweed.

I LOVE crispy rice. I eat it as a snack and make it every time I make rice. Use whatever rice you prefer! My pantry is always stocked with @Mahatma® Rice Ready to Heat Rice for quick & easy meals. They come in a bunch of other flavors too! The Chipotle Jasmine rice is my favorite 😋

#crispyrice #sushitaco #musubi #mahatmarice
#SeventhGenerationPartner I love using my dishwasher but I also want to be as environmentally friendly as I can, and I want my dishes to be sparkling clean without strong fragrances! @Seventh Generation Auto Dish Detergent packs have 90% plastic free packaging and are made with a Safer Choice certified, biobased formula that delivers sparkling clean dishes. Head to the link in my bio to get yours today! #SeventhGenerationAmbassador #CleanWithPurpose
Replying to @Jolene Last month I showed you how to make apple-lemon cheong, and it’s ready now! Straining and transferring to clean jars to keep in the fridge, then making apple-flavored soju with the apples.

#cheong #syrup #apple #soju
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