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Stefanie OConnell Rodriguez


Data for women navigating money & ambition on their own terms

WHAT WORKS for #ambitiouswomen #equalpay 👉🏼The gender wage gap was eliminated when more than 60% of workplace managers were women, according to this 2022 paper studying employer-employee data in Britain. Findings that are consistent with previous research that finds greater representation of women in senior positions narrows the gender gap in promotion rates at lower ranks.

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Are Women Doing It for Themselves? Female Managers and the Gender Wage Gap

Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies
Women in the US have been outpacing men in higher education for decades, but this has not closed the gender pay gap. In fact, it may be a response to it 👇🏼 #ambitiouswomen #equalpay

In 2022, The Wall Street Journal published an analysis tracking 1.7 million college graduates at more than 11,000 programs across roughly 2,000 universities as they entered the workforce, finding that within three years of graduating, men who got the same degrees from the same schools as their women classmates made more money nearly 75 percent of the time.

If anything, girls’ ongoing academic outperformance relative to boys’ is not a sign of gender inequality finally being relegated to history, but rather, a response to it. Ongoing gender inequality means girls need to outperform boys just to make as much as them. Because women still earn less money than their male peers at every education level. In fact, the wage gap widens with increased educational attainment, leaving U.S. women with advanced degrees being paid less, on average, than their male colleagues with a bachelor’s degree – yet another inequality that compounds further for many women of color.

P.S. Check out yesterday’s post for more on the trap of ‘the next generation is fixing this’ thinking
Women experiencing narrower pay gaps at the start of their careers is not a new phenomenon, but rather, the way the gender pay gap actually works. “This general pattern has not changed in at least four decades,” writes Rakesh Kochhar, senior researcher and author of the Pew Research Center 2022 pay gap report. Young women face the smallest wage gaps not because pay inequality disappears with the next generation, but because the pay gap grows over the course of a woman’s career as she faces compounding bias and discrimination at every step of the career ladder. #equalpay

According to Pew’s latest #paygap report, by the time American women reach ages 55 to 64 they’re making an average of just 79 cents on the dollar compared to their male peers, gaps that often grow even wider for women of color.

This is part 1 of 2. Tomorrow we talk why and how US women outpacing their male counterparts educationally has not closed this gap. Follow here to stay tuned for the next installment
The average cost of car ownership for new vehicles is around $13,032 a year according to @Kelley Blue Book That’s about $1,086 a month. So, when buying a car, you need to consider a lot more than just the purchase price but how the ongoing cost of car ownership will fit into your monthly budget.

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Women in the U.S. ARE negotiating their salaries as much as their male counterparts, and this newly published empirical research finds evidence that women are actually MORE likely to negotiate. #equalpay

The paper also goes onto explore the consequences of the ongoing myth that “women don’t negotiate” - finding it is used to justify unequal pay and opportunity across gender identity, which reinforces the gender pay gaps that stubbornly persist.

Read the full report from Laura Kray, Jessica Kennedy and Margaret Lee at “Now, Women Do Ask: A Call to Update Beliefs about the Gender Pay Gap”
If #girlmath is “frivolous”, what is #boymath ?
The average new-car price is $48,798 so far in 2023, according to recent data from Kelley Blue Book. That’s a 34% increase from the same timeframe in 2019.

This Summer, we upgraded from our 2007 model to a new (to us) 2022 vehicle. Knowing that the true cost of car ownership extends far beyond the purchase price, I’m partnering with
@Kelley Blue Book this month to talk all things maximizing money for my fellow car owners.

For instance, check out Kelley Blue Book Service Advisor to get personalized recommendations like what services to have done, when, and where to have them done locally, and how much you should expect to spend based on the make and model of your vehicle at the link in my bio #ad
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