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A simple homopolar motor is a great way to visualize the forces and concepts that make more complex DC #motors work.
When connected to a battery, an electric current flows through the wire coil producing a magnetic field. The permanent magnet and the coil repel each other and the coil rotates. The insulated section of wire turns off the magnetic field for an instant, and Inertia and gravity carry the coil back to its starting position. The process repeats over and over causing the coil to spin. CAUTION: If the coil isn’t spinning it will heat up. Remove the coil to make adjustments and be sure to supervise children during this activity.. #scienceiscool #scienceisfun #homopolarmotor #womeninstem
Be sure to check out @chemicalkim ’s original video and follow her for great science content! #science #artandscience #steam #sciencetiktok
Reply to @mingefringe.com Only the first 5 seconds was slowed as the ball fell in the low viscosity liquids. Here it is without the slo mo.
Reply to @matthewspk22 Thanks for pointing this out! Wish I had a high speed camera. It would be interesting to see it even slower! #viscousdrag
Reply to @jerrrrrmy These have been coated with gloss varnish for use in another project so they look shiny. They are matte when dry and can be ironed
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