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#TotalDramaIsland is getting a reboot and #ChildishGambino won a lawsuit. See how well you followed this week’s news with our weekly news quiz.
Terry Sanderson, the #Utah man who lost a lawsuit against #GwynethPaltrow over a 2016 ski crash, told cameras what Paltrow said to him after the verdict.
#Breaking : Manhattan grand jury votes to indict former President #DonaldTrump .
#Utah will soon require residents to prove their age to use social media. #Arkansas , #Connecticut , #Ohio and #Minnesota could be next.
#TheWhiteLotus season 3 will take place in Thailand, according to a Variety report, and some fans are worried about accurate Eastern culture representation.
Lawyers for #GwynethPaltrow presented an animated depiction in court for what they say happened on a #Utah ski slope in 2016.
#Stalex was just confirmed by #WizardsofWaverlyPlace ’s producer and writer #PeterMurrieta over a decade after the show ended. What are some questions you’d still like to know about Wizards? #SelenaGomez #HayleyKiyoko
Donald Glover (aka #ChildishGambino ) has won a copyright lawsuit alleging similarities between #ThisIsAmerica and “Made In America” by Kid Wess.
“Serial” podcast’s #AdnanSyed has had his murder conviction reinstated months after he was released from prison.
President #Biden says he can’t do anything else about gun violence without help from Congress.
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