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Sreeya Das | self-improvement


🚀 My self-improvement & business journey



Replying to @Vishnu Making these mistakes has lost me over $20k and a lot of time… so I’m sharing this in the hopes that you can reach your goals faster with your tutoring :)
#tutor #tutoring #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach #businessmistakes #businessmistakesivemade #businessstorytime #sreeyasdas
How to make money with tutoring
How to grow tutoring business
Business mistakes I’ve made
How to become a tutor
Replying to @musingsofnavs Don’t chase perfection and plan for years — that’s the sure fire of never starting a business and ruining your potential. Take action FAST and don’t be afraid of failing — if you want to succeed faster though, get around likeminded people. If you’re a tutor, this could be joining my discord community 😉 #businessjourney #confidencetipsforbusiness #takeactiontoday #tutorcoach #tutoring #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach
Replying to @Omar’s English Comment “PRICE” to get the script I use to increase my prices without clients complaining.

Anyway, I struggled a lot with charging what I was worth and was honestly really worried about scaring away customers with higher prices.

I always thought people preferred the cheaper option as growing up, I would see my family, friends and even myself doing the same with things like groceries, clothes, pretty much everything — but I recently realised this was completely different for business.

Some people prefer to pay more for better quality. They like the feeling of high-end and they have more faith that you’ll get them results if they pay you more (simple rule of reciprocity).

Charge what you are worth. And you WILL attract your ideal customers.

#pricingstrategy #howmuchtocharge #businessfinance #mindsetshift #businessmindset #businesslessons
#idealclientstrategy #idealclient
How to charge clients higher
How to attract ideal clients
How much should I charge
How to sell at higher prices
High ticket services
Replying to @Nethra this is how I got over my crippling fear of judgement to now posting online and building a successful business — “little” Sreeya would definitely be proud 🥹 #selfimprovement #fearofjudgement #howtostartabusiness
How to stop caring about what other people think of you
How to build courage to start a business
Replying to @mekhane6336 it took me 6 months to figure out how to advertise properly as a tutor, so let me tell you how to do it in less than 2 mins :) #tutoring #tutor #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach #howtogetclients #marketingforcoaches #marketingstrategy #sreeyasdas
Replying to @user8918156290055 how do you stop tutors from taking your students? This is honestly the scariest part of having a tutoring agency as you work so hard to get the student and then… they disappear 😭😭 #tutoring #tutor #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach #howtogetclients #coachingtips #businessstorytime
How to retain students for tutoring
How to build a tutoring agency
How to tutor
A tutor stole my students
Replying to @redvwpolo1.4na How to find high-paying clients as a tutor or coach (remember, don’t undervalue yourself!) #tutoring #tutor #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach #howtogetclients #coachingtips
Where to find coaching clients
How to build a tutoring business
How to build a coaching business
How to become a coach
How to become a tutor
Where to find students for tutoring
Here’s the story of how I built a 6-figure tutoring agency in 6 months as an 18 year old #tutoring #tutor #tutoringbusiness #tutoringbusinesscoach #businessstorytime #howtostartabusiness #myjourneys
How to start a tutoring business
How to start a business
How to make money online
How to become a tutoring business owner
How to tutor
Business journey
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