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Spectrum Retirement


#LiveColorfully #AgeFearlessly




He’s A Ten… But!

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☯️ #agefearlessly #livecolorfully #seniorlivingcommunity #programming #colorado  created by Spectrum Retirement with Karamel Kel's Aglow (Intro) - Slowed Down Version
#FriendsoftheCommunity is a club that started in January amongst residents at Doughtery Ferry as their New Year’s Resolution,collectively, was to try to help people and animals in the community. They are working with Clare’s House a foster facility ❤️
#fosterpuppy #givingbacktothecommunity #adoptdontshop #seniorliving
✨This is #MemoryCare

Southview Memory Care residents have started a #drumcircle ! This was their first practice 🔥

Did you know that sensory stimulation like music helps individuals recall memories & bring back those happy moments?!

#agefearlessly #livecolorfully #seniorliving
The Oaks Cookie Lab launched their winning cookie at @uprisingbakeryandcafe this weekend 🍪 😋 The #ChippyCherry cookie will be sold all of the month of February.

The Son of Batches will also sell their winning cookie #ChipOffTheOldBlock in March! Stay tuned for that announcement 📣

Uprising Bakery will donate 70% of the cookie sale proceeds to the @alzassociation .

Listen to some of the rave reviews the #ChippyCherry cookie got during #cookieconfessionswithfran 🎤

#seniorlivingcommunity #livecolorfully
The first-ever #CookieClash between The Oaks at Algonquin and Silver Glen was a success! Silver Glen’s team, “The Sons of Batches,” SOBs, battled out for a chance to get their chocolate chip cookie recipe featured at @uprisingbakeryandcafe! The two categories judged in this cookie clash were 1. #BestChocolateChip , and 2. #BestDecoratedSugarCookie . Our cookie, “Chip Off the Old Block,” a potato chip-based chocolate chip cookie, was a salty showstopper. We choose geodes-inspired cookies with edible rock candy and glitter for our sugar-decorated cookies. The battle was a tight race, and both teams came out on top due to a split decision. Come purchase The Oaks’ “The Chocolate Cherry Chew” at UpRising in February and our “Chip Off the Old Block” in March!

#bakingcompetiton #cookiecompetition #illinois #SOBS vs #theoakscookielab
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