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Tessa | Sprig & Spoon


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Every year over a billion pounds of pumpkin are tossed in the trash after their time as jack-o-lanterns and decorations is done. Lacking the proper conditions, pumpkins and other organic matter do not decompose properly in the landfill. Instead, they release methane into the atmosphere, which is far more damaging in its contribution to climate change than CO2.

Give your pumpkins a new life instead of letting them pollute! Here’s what you can do with your pumpkins instead:

- Eat them! That’s what I do with the majority of my pumpkins. It’s easy to make pumpkin purée; simply wash your pumpkins, halve them, scoop out the guts and bake at 350° until tender. You can then purée them in a blender or food processor and use in pies, soups, breads, and more. The purée also freezes well!

- Eat the seeds. Whether you eat the flesh of the pumpkin or do something else with it, don’t let those seeds go to waste! They are a nutritious and tasty snack. Just rinse and dry them, toss the seeds with oil and seasoning, and roast at 350° until crispy and golden brown (around 15-20 minutes.)
- Save seeds for growing. This is super easy to do and you’ll have so much fun growing your own pumpkins! All you have to do is rinse your seeds and let them dry out for a couple weeks.

- Feed the pumpkins to your animals or give them to a friend with animals. Pumpkins make tasty and free treats for chickens, pigs, and more. You can try posting in your local buy nothing or gardening Facebook group if you don’t know anyone to give them to.

- Give them to a farm for composting or animal treats. My local farm loves collecting compost from anyone who doesn’t have their own bin and lots of farms accept pumpkins for their animals to enjoy.

- Compost them. If your pumpkins mold or are partially eaten by squirrels, you still don’t have to toss them. Composting them will add lots of great nitrogen to your compost and let the pumpkins feed your garden next season.

Which one will you be doing?
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