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Maria Merlo


We help women stabilize hormones. https://www.linktr.ee/splendhealth



Zenith is the only product proven and patented to address leptin resistance in the market. In multiple double-blind placebo controlled studies, it was shown that Zenith is 90% more effective than diet and exercise alone. It also increased to the double adiponectin, another hormone produced in fat cells that controls fat utilization. We are currently a clinical study where we will provide on going lifestyle recommendations via Practice Better, recipes, 2 30-minute private sessions with me and more.

Are you ready?

How to enroll in the 60-day Mini Clinical Study

Step 1: Purchase your 2 bottles of supplement here

In the video we talked about 3 options. We recommend Option 3 by clicking Join Us! on top menu to get membership benefits($50 fee):

• $30 off per bottle when selecting the Starter Pack of 2 bottles (total $260 - $130/bottle)
• Personalized referral link for family and friends. Note: You will be asked for your SSN, that's if you want to be paid for your referrals; otherwise just type 123456789
• 🎁 from Splendhealth - All family and friends referred and enrolled will get lifetime access to the evergreen version of the lifestyle recommendations in the Practice Better app
• 🎁 from Splendhealth - Your testimonial will be featured on our social media displaying your referral link
• The most important GIFT: You feeling comfortable with your body, fitting your favorite clothes, looking spectacular 🤩

Step 2: You will receive two emails:
• Activate your account in Practice Better app
• Instructions to book your first private session
Step 3: Please don't forget before/after pictures and add in the app

Step 4: Please participate in Practice Better app activities and post your progress on our private FB group (sorry guys, it's just for women - however you can still enroll in the clinical study)

The clinical study starts next Monday. Please hurry up and order your 2 bottles in the next 24 hrs!
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