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contact | spittymusic@gmail.com

I'm officially out of time. So now what?

21 years ago as a little kid I discovered hip hop & knew I wanted to be a rapper ever since.
11 years ago my anxiety-riddled teen self built up the courage to finally start doing it.
A whole decade of time & energy into music ultimately transformed my whole life, making me a much more confident, happy, and passionate person.
1 year ago I quit my tech career to go all in on this music dream.

After quitting my job I gave myself 1 year to see how far I can take it.

Complex Canada feature for hosting free open mics in my city.
"1 of 15 South Asian Artists To Watch" - Entertainment Tonight
Named a Brampton Artist Ambassador.
Official Spotifial Editorial Playlist Placements.
Rolling Stone India feature for Not For Me.
Timberland boots sponsorship.
Performed at Canadian Music Week, Dundas Square, Brampton Canada Day, Masala Mixtape, & many more.
Selected & Graduated from the YouTube/HXOUSE Creator Program.
Feature on a billboard in Brampton.

Social media posts every day, new songs & music videos every month, replying to hundreds of messages, running ads and other marketing, applying for shows/grants/opportunities, attending events and supporting the community, curating events and shows for the people, & so much more. It's all me. But it's all For Me.

A job?
A grip?
Settling down?
That's Not For Me.

Making money is hard in music, so that's the real limiting factor. I've been living 50/50 on tech savings & music income.

But I'm going to keep hustling on this marathon of life, & I'm going to make it to where I want to go to no matter what it takes.

Thank you for your support.
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