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The Wheel of Fortune 🛞☸️

The wheel of Fortune card represents a significant change/transformation in the future. This change/transformation is necessary for growth. Change can occur suddenly and without warning it is a part of everyday life.

This card can also bring in good luck and good fortune and is a good indicator that your destiny is about to change and all the hard work that you've put in is about to pay off.

But remember the wheel also indicates the cycles of life. Life has a very rhythmic pattern one minute we're up and the next minute we are down. So remember what goes around comes around. If you have put in an honest effort you will get the right outcome.

This card also reinforces your ability to roll with the changes. This acts as validation and letting you know that the universe is supporting you.

Other meanings: fortune, and unexpected windfall, destiny, cycles, luck in love, good decision-making skills, good timing and taking chances with positive results.

Light and love
Barbie ❤️

Full readings are available. Schedule online at www.spiritualcreations11llc.com or via email at spiritualcreations111@gmail.com.
Readings are available in store or via video chat.

1/2 hour, 45 min and 1hr 15 minute readings

Card Deck Credit: Tarot of the Divine - Yoshi Yoshitani

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