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Spencer West


Gay/Disabled Content Creator 🏳️‍🌈♿️ Contact: jake@2thewest.com



Taking Care of Céline!

Video description: in this video, Spencer is seen taking care of his partner’s dog, a Shih Tzu named Céline. The video starts with the dog on Spencer‘s bed while he pets and cuddles with her. Spencer is dancing filling up a little water dish and putting on the ground for her to drink. Then, there is a shot of Céline laying on the floor, watching Spencer make his bed, and then Céline is seen laying on the floor directly where the sun is coming in through the window. Spencer, then take Céline for a walk. he puts her a little coat on which goes over her head, and then fastens around her body at the top he uses a stretchy leash that is connected to a sling bag he has over his shoulder that he clips to her collar and the bag so that he can be hands-free. Then the two of them are seen walking outside and Céline sniffing around in the snow then come back to Spencer‘s house, and Céline is seen getting off the elevator and walking towards the door to his condo. once they get home, the dog is seen playing with one of her toys, and then sunbathing again in the same spot. Next Céline is outside at night time rubbing her cute little face in the snow. Once back inside, Spencer seem playing tug-of-war while Céline growls with one of her toys. To end the video Spencer lifts Céline with one hand up onto his bed and they are seeing cuddling with Céline laying on Spencer‘s chest, and Céline is licking Spencer‘s face and then she’s laying on her back on while Spencer rubs her belly. The video closes with the two of them facing the camera looking adorable.

#DogsOfTiktok d#DogDaddy z#ShihTzusOfTiktok is#OnThisDay
#stitch with @Lauren

Video description: in this video, Spencer is using the stitch feature and it opens with another creators video offering advice to manifest the body you want by speaking into your water bottle and then drinking it. It then cuts to Spencer, sitting on the floor in his kitchen, holding a water bottle, speaking into it, obviously he looks very handsome

#manifest #water #PerfectJustTheWayYouAre #ManifestingMethods
Amplifying @Taylor LN | Creator ♿️ incredible response to some horrific ableism.

Video description: in this video, Spencer is using the green screen effect. He is reacting to a video created by Tay in response to an extremely ableist video that Candace Owens created regarding the new accessibility line for @SKIMS Tay beautifully and powerfully addresses how horrific and harmful a video like this is.

#ableism #accessibility #skims #GreenScreenVideo
How To Make Your Content Accessible Part 2:
Video/Image Descriptions
#accessibility #tips #disability #description

Video description: in this video, Spencer shows how to create the very thing that you are reading right now, which is a video/image description. He speaks directly to camera while standing on his hands and then using the screen record option shows how to physically add video or image descriptions here on Instagram. Obviously, he looks very handsome, teaching this.
New furniture! #NewFurniture #disabled #LookAtThis #designtok

Video description: the audio used in this video is taken from an episode of the Kardashians, where Kris Jenner is showing off her new room with her China on display. Spencer is seen picking up a large package in his mail room, pushing it with his wheelchair through the lobby and to his condo. He is seen opening the box, pulling out a new stool, unwrapping the cushion, and then putting this gorgeous new atoll against a wall ubder a gorgeous tapestry hanging from Oxaca. Spencer in the video by sitting on the stool posing for the camera in different poses enjoying the new stool and only does it look handsome but the store is a very dark brown that looks like an upside down letter you and on top of a black soft cushion. He looks very handsome and happy.
Ableism in the winter. #ableism #winter #Toronto #disability

Video description: in this video, Spencer is trying to cross the street at a crosswalk in the city of Toronto where he lives. There is a massive pile of snow around the pool where the button is, which prevents Spencer from being able to activate the button, then there is a massive pile of snow in front of the curb cut out, make it get in accessible for him to get off the curb. Spencer is then seen waiting in the lane of oncoming traffic near the crosswalk until the light changes. on the other side of the street. The curb cut is also covered in snow, and the button to activate. The crosswalk is also in accessible due to snow. It should be noted that the rest of the sidewalk around the crosswalk is completely clear it’s just accessible parts that are blocked. Through it all he still looks handsome.
The legacy of Judy Heumann #JudyHeumann #DisabilityTikTok #DisabilityAwareness #legacy

Video description: in this video, Spencer is standing on his hands talking directly to Cameron. He uses the green screen effect show photos of Judy Heumann throughout the years as he talks about her incredible legacy and work she left behind for us to continue, although extremely sad Spencer still looks handsome.
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