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Spartan shell



As I watch all the moms and dads rush from one game to another, shuffling children to and fro, I am reminded of all the memories . It's a challenging world.@OCR Luccketta @OCRWC @Race Ready Obstacles @Staciethurman2005 We created Lionhearts Fitness as a free program, because some of these things can cost an awful lot of money.
Having seven children, with every single one of them playing sports of all kinds, know all too well some of the hardships.

I was also an athlete as a child. It was part of the way my family grew up.

I guess I really wanted to say: Don't give up. It goes by so fast.
Celebrate every single moment.
My baby (of 7,) is grown, and I am celebrating him at the OCR World Championships next weekend.
Things are better when we are together!

@lionheartsfitness @ocr_luccketta
Free Fitness, OCR, Community for all youth and young adults.

Thank you
@Savage Race until we see each other again.
@ObstacleRacingMedia @rachel_fit_girl
@Staciethurman2005 @MudGear @Joey McGlamory @Race Ready Obstacles
We were Race Ready because of Race Ready Obstacles
Community serving the community, provided by the community, to better our world.
Cancer is more than a cause.
We lost my dear mother to cancer after years of suffering.
Breast Cancer. 1978.
My family is riddled with the damned disease and I pray endlessly for a cure.

I share this (yet again) in remembrance of them, all who suffer, and all victorious.
We have all been touched in one way or another.

Cancer is more than a cause!

Every year I see folks running/walking/fundraising for Cancer. I am proud and honored to know you.
Many of my wonderful friends are survivors, ringers of the bell!!

I myself was a research patient at UCLA in the high-risk program, when they found the gene (Berkeley '91 Mary-Claire King)

Cancer is more than a "cause."

Jan Littlejohn was joined by my Nonnie, Aunt Julie, Kelly Jo, and now my daughter Jen.

Jen, my eldest daughter, had such an aggressive form of breast cancer, that it took her within two weeks of diagnosis and after only one treatment. I was honored to be with her, devastated by the loss.

May cancer research find a way to knock all markers out of the box. They have come so far.

It isn't always so cut and dry folks.
Many say F cancer. It gets us nowhere. I say CURE cancer, the other 4 letter word.
Fight for a cure.

Spartan is dedicating 2 heats to this very cause at the Nashville Super 10K & Sprint 5K

We normally hold our fundraiser there. AS YOU CAN SEE this means so much to me. Choose your way to help, it all helps us. Jen loved Lionhearts, she so wanted to do a Spartan race with her family. She never made it.

This is tough. We will be at OCRW the week prior, so I am getting the info out now.

ALSO- I will be awarding and bringing last year winner their prizes as I took very ill last Nashville race and neglected to get Michael Roberson his ROCKSTAR Guitar! We had someother swag gifts also. I will post those this month.
@OCR Luccketta @MAC
We often have @OCR Luccketta do one finger pull-ups at the Lionhearts Fitness Center, to show the youth Luccketta can lift himself using his back muscles and not just his grip. We practice using diamond push-ups, to show them the isolated muscle group.

Luccketta is over 180# and his fingers would break if that is what he was using to lift himself up.

We the ask the youth If they can ride a bike. Then we asked them if they used their toes to move the pedals. We then say that the toes help to hold on but that they actually use their fanny and leg muscles to propel the bike.
It isn't all about grip strength. it is also about developing muscles.

Of course grip strength matters, but that's a whole other story.

Now, Luccketta is always challenging himself to do other things.

#lionheartsfitness #ocr #ocrluccketta @MAC @Stepholivier_spartan @Staciethurman2005 @docbee26
Little Lionheart Willow.

One of our youngest Lionhearts, but definitely the youngest to ever start. Will starter around the age of 18 mo. old. (If that old.)

Her mama carried her on her hip, as Willow's sisters mastered the obstacles.

As soon as she was 18 months old, she NEEDED to be in the OCR facility practicing herself. We would let her during private times but she started mastering everything so quickly, including the 3 ft wall. She would practice every single day.

She was afraid of the heights of the monkey bars but now climbs a 19 ft high rope. (At four mind you...) She is surrounded by mentors and wonderful athletes, including her sisters. Who knows what this little one will do?

She is also a dancer and absolutely loves bugs and animals like her coach
@OCR Luccketta
For now, it's all about OCR.

She will be headed to the @savagerace in Atlanta and then @spartankidsrace in Nashville.

She is amazing. We love her, very much, and she loves us too!

Her sister Katarina competed, representing Lionhearts, in the Ultimate OCR in FL!
Her other sister Zelda has the voice of an angel. I was blessed to work with her. She also races, rides horses and is a renaissance woman.
The Cole Family. Lionhearts, to the core.

@mommabear52787 @lionheartsocr @lionheartsfitness @spartan_shell @ocr_luccketta

Thanks to:
@racereadyobstacles @fitbarstrong
Reposted @ironedge_ocr_team Happy to officially introduce another IronEdge Athlete!! Meet @ocr_luccketta!

Not only is Luccketta joining IronEdge, & coached by Heather @ironedgecoaching, Heather is also going to show him how to better coach the Lionhearts, our future in OCR.

Lionhearts is 100% donation and 100% volunteers, providing free training for our youth! Luccketta has always been lead trainer at Lionhearts Fitness, getting his Spartan OCR Specialist Certificate at the age of 16, & this year he has stepped up to be the Lionhearts Fitness Director.

In 2018, his Mom (Shell❤) was a Spartan & when his best friend, Jake died of suicide, his Mom took him to a race. Luccketta knew immediately after the race that they needed OCR for all youth. It would have helped Jake. His mom helped him create an OCR Youth Foundation, for all youth.

Luccketta’s first races were the kids races in 2014, but what got him hooked were the adult courses with a goal of racing an Ultra someday! Which he did as soon as he turned 18 in 2022!

Fav’s/fun facts about Luccketta:
Fav race of all time was 2019 Tryon N.C. It was one of the largest DNF Spartan Races, but he didn’t know DNF was an option 🙌 2nd fav: Indian Mud Run because he LOVED the 110 obstacles!

Fav type of race: 100% completion! The only way to race. He LOVES any @racereadyobstacles races because of the challenging obstacles. (Highlander Assault, Frontline and such.)He just loves them. We need more in the south!

Weather: Cold. He breathes better in the cold.
Terrain: Small hills.
Post-race meal: Chinese buffet!

Hardest race: Ultras and 24 hour Races, even though they are very hard he enjoys them.

Stats: Total races 100? 2 minutes from a Spartan Podium! Zero Fails most races, a few Savage Races, Hildervat, Local Races. Podium: Indian Mud Run.

We are thrilled to have you on our team and part of our OCR family. You have accomplished so much at just 19 years old - so impressive! We can’t wait to see how you grow as an athlete and as Lionhearts Fitness Director. There is no limit to what you can do!
@OCR Luccketta @Zackary Paben @Race Ready Obstacles
IronEdge OCR Team Sponsor support:

A glimpse into my weekend world of amazing athletes.
@spartan Asheville 8/23

#MentorsMatter These amazing athletes are the foundation of our Lionhearts Mission.

To provide free OCR Fitness Training and Racing to all youth.

This is just a small sample. Photos offered as a HUGE thank you for spreading awareness.

The community, family, amazing strength and unity is the very thing we want to offer our community as a whole.

YOU were the reason we began. YOU were the reason we knew we could offer hope to this flipped out world.

Thank you!!
Founder of Lionhearts Fitness (with my son @ocr_luccketta )
The Ultimate OCR event in Orlando this past weekend , was history in the making.

Lionhearts were honored to be at the very first step that we, the OCR Community of racers, became part of the partnership of Ninja and Spartan
They have been working behind the scenes to make this happen and we are all headed to the Olympics! Together!

Our youth and our best friends in AG and Elite competed in a brand new type of course.

OCR AND Ninja under one roof. There were many Ninja world championships going on at the same time. The place was moving!!

The Ultimate OCR event

@kev_thomps took first place Elite, with our very own @chainsaw_rick taking second. Kody O'Brien from Canada took 3rd.

It was a crazy course, and I have seen many. It zig zagged with many of us trying to figure out where to go next. It was obstacle over obstacle , intense upper body with added dexterity work. @ocr_luccketta was in his own heaven and was only seconds behind his mentor/hero @funky_cold_ocr (a dream come true for the young man.)

Honestly, we can't wait to do it again.

We are ready now . The Lionheart youth had the same course! Our @ocr_colette took 6th! She and Luccketta retained ALL of their bands! We had a first time racer @mr_rain64 (ever, anything,) and now he is hooked.

Something for everybody.
@OCR Luccketta @spartan @ObstacleRacingMedia

Yes, it was hard, but it was spectacular. Yes, there was much to learn about the concept, course and all, but hey it's OCR.

Sign us up.

Hundreds of photos and videos to come!
#spartan #ultimateocr #olympics #lionheartsfitness

@Joey McGlamory @Stepholivier_spartan @MudGear @Staciethurman2005 @MAC
Reposted @lionheartsfitness Our New LegendBorne shirts are available!!

Pretty Simple.

THANK YOU for promoting our mission.

Rachel Watters introduced us to so many wonderful new friends, pros in the OCR Community. She also helped us by wearing our shirts and telling everyone what we were doing. It spread like wildfire. Her friends, told more friends and then our shirts and other assorted items were being worn. Our mission was being heard around the world!

We are 100% donation based and our sponsors mean everything to the foundation of our mission. We list them on the back of our shirts, all of our shirts. It's he very least we can do.

A few years back we partnered with LegendBorne Sportswear. They have helped us tremendously and created a charity page for us. THEN they created YOUTH shirts for our Lionhearts who started to compete and needed something other than our black tshirts.

If you didn't know already, Legendborne is the leader in the best quality of Sportswear. I will be candid in saying, the wait time used to be a challenge, and then with the pandemic it became even more of a challenge. WELL they ROSE to the challenge!

More items, much quicker and even better quality.
I didn't think the better quality could even happen.
@OCR Luccketta races HARD! Endurance races, muddy, trecherous races and his jerseys last! They are amazing. I pressure wash them, race after race and the only time I need to replace them is when we have a new sponsor back, ooooor the crazy catch on the barbed wire (he still wears those as a second on trifecta weekends!)

Our store is full of great items. Use code Lionhearts for a discount.
More items will be added to our collection/storefront soon.

Thank you.
Lionhearts Thanks you.
We have been representing the USA much more often as our youth and Luccketta have been participating in World Champion Events. We have added the American Flag to our jersey, so proud of our champions.

Lionhearts Fitness 100% Donation Based, 100% Free for all youth, 100% volunteers!
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