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South Texas Blood & Tissue


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In 2022, @William Daugherty celebrated 11 months of being cancer free. The very next day, doctors informed him that his cancer had returned, but the cheer coach and teacher is determined to high kick cancer’s butt.

William created #TeamShimmy as homage to his mom who fought cancer seven years ago. “Seeing her motivation and seeing how strong she was has put the motivation in me to be positive. One of the funniest things she liked to do was shimmy all the time, so we created a team for her to walk and carried it over to my journey"

Give Blood for patients like William 👉 SouthTexasBlood.org
It's National #NursesWeek ! 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

We're spending the week celebrating our special nurses that make a difference for patients in need of blood donations, cord blood, and tissue transplants. We couldn't do it without you.

Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Fiesta, Siesta, #GiveBlood , Repeat! 🎖️ 💃

Take home a collectable #Fiesta2023 medal when you help us keep enough blood on the shelves for patients in need!

Schedule your donation 👉 SouthTexasBlood.org
Let's chalk and talk about #NationalDonateLifeMonth 💙 💚

April is a month to celebrate those who have received transplants, to recognize those who continue to wait, to honor donors and donor families, and to thank registered donors for giving hope. Today we're celebrating #BlueAndGreen week by participating in chalk day at the Donor Pavilion.

Staff and visitors are encouraged visit and leave their own message of hope.
Thank you #HealthCare Heroes! 🙌 The gift of lifesaving donations couldn't happen without you! 💚 💙 We're honored and grateful for all that you do! Leave a ❤️ in the comments to show your appreciation. #HealthcareHeroesDay #NationalDonateLifeMonth @donatelifetexas #saeyebank #TexasOrganSharingAlliance #UniversityHealthTransplantInstitute
Due to the rising need for this emergency blood, the #HeroesInArms program recently opened to female donors.

Toni was one of the first women to participate in the program, which allows emergency teams to #GiveBlood to patients at the scene of an accident or on the way to an emergency room.

Thank you for making history with us, Toni! #WomenMakingHistory ♥️ #WomensHistoryMonth

Learn more about Heroes In Arms 👉 SouthTexasBlood.org/HeroesInArms
Happy #StPatricksDay !

We're going green and Dr. G is here to recommend some iron-rich foods to eat before donating.

Be someone's lucky charm, schedule your donation 🍀 SouthTexasBlood.org/Give
Scrub a dub dub we're saving lives at @TheWashTub! 🚗 🎶

#GiveBlood at a The Wash Tub blood drive and drive away with a car wash voucher.

Schedule your donation 👉 SouthTexasBlood.org/WashTub
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