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💪 BOLD flavor 🐷 Crunchy, flavorful pork rinds 😛 High protein, low carb

Soup Bites. That’s right, Soup BITES! #Crunch into a new world of food with a mouthful of our Fried Potato Soup Bites that will make you want to take a handful at a time!
Unfortunately, cigarettes tend to come into play for many #TruckDrivers. Listen to Ingrid’s Truck Driver #HealthTalk and don’t forget to head to our website to share and help Truck Drivers and win #PorkRinds at https://bit.ly/44MqsBP. 🐽 🚛
Check out this experienced #TruckDriver, Ingrid, who has benefited from a St. Christopher Relief Fund health resource. 🙌 You can help by spreading the word for a chance to win some of our #PorkRinds by heading to our website today at https://southernrecipe.com
Cheesy goodness made for all! Find your favorite #easy and #quick recipe right here with a little bit of #crunch for a photo finishing touch. #PorkRinds give this classic dish a bacon-y bite you’ll crave. All. Season. Long.
Cheesy Galoreeeee. 🤤 🧀 Get your #dip on with cheese sticks coated in our crushed #lowcarb pork rinds and pop them into the air fryer… Yep, that’s it. 👏 Dip ‘em in the sauce of your choice, and enjoy!
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