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SOUNDIT is a social playground for the next generation of creators 🎬 ❤️

Salut les créateurs ! 🎤🎥 Prêt à montrer au monde ce que tu sais faire sur SOUNDIT ? 🌟 Partagez votre talent et obtenez la reconnaissance que vous méritez ! Taguez-nous dans vos posts et nous les mettrons encore plus en valeur - Faites du bruit et devenez viral ! 🔊💥 🔊💥 #PartageTonSon #FaisDuBruit


Hey sound makers and video shakers! 🎤🎥 Ready to show the world what you've got on SOUNDIT? 🌟 Share your talent and get the recognition you deserve! Tag us in your posts and we'll feature the best of the best. Let's make some noise and go viral! 🔊💥 #SOUNDIT #ShareYourSound #MakeSomeNoise
Some Highlights 💥💥💥this week on #SOUNDIT featured by 🎶
#Iniko #Jericho LYRICS🦹🏾⚡️


I’m your future, past and present, I’m a fine line


Yeah, I’m a missing link, of this illusion

I am not really here, I’m an intrusion

I don’t swim or sink, I just float

I don’t need gravity, I just need growth


When I move it’s an earthquake rumble

I will never ever fall, never stumble

And I don’t need to be humble

Break down walls like Jericho Crumble


#socialpp #joinus #benefits for #earlyadopters
We have the #recipe for the most #appetizing social network…. You want to know? Stay tuned! #SOUNDIT
#SOUNDIT ’s #textfeature allows you to handle any type of #text , #image and #video based expression
Last week highlights on #SOUNDIT 💃💃🕺🕺
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