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Sophia Winter


tips that make life easier + enjoyable Lifestyle Consultant DM to work with me



a realistic look at what I eat in a day!

when I need an extra protein boost, I love using
@levelsprotein for a quick, easy, and delicious shake!

my go-to is shaking the cappuccino protein powder with some water then pouring it over ice and adding a bit of milk like an iced coffee!

💸 use code SPW20 for 20% off at checkout on levelsprotein.com

*discalimer — Every body is different and has different dietary needs. Ideally, I am aiming to eat lots of veggies, animal-based protein, healthy fats, and a balance of carbs. Some days I do just that and other days, I enjoy a croissant without “balancing” it with a vegetable.

However, I’ve come to learn that my body doesn’t function well without an appropriate *amount* of protein so introducing Levels into my rotation 3 years ago has been a game-changer! 💪🏼

PLUS Levels is clean and uses ZERO fake ingredients. They are incredibly particular about their process and only produce the highest quality product.

#levelspartner #levelsprotein #paidpartnership #ad #eatprotein #drinkprotein #proteinshake #proteinfood #whatieatinaday
The new parade collection has arrived!! The theme: Cottage / Countryside


I am a big believer in elevating the small, simple, qualities in life and the
@parade matching satin pajama sets do just that.

I’m also working on making my closet work smarter so that my wardrobe can be more intentional and minimal.

Having pajamas that can double as tops + bottoms for other outfits is a step in the right direction! I can’t wait to pack this set for some upcoming spring travel and enjoy taking these pieces from day to night! 🌝➡️🌚

💸 Shop the new collection now and use SOPHIAPWINTER for 20% off!

does anybody else like a side of potato chips with their salad? 🥗 + 🥔 = 💯

@bouldercanyon sea salt + cracked pepper are my top choice 👌🏼

Is this turning into a food account? Not exactly.

My hope is that through sharing recipes + ideas that feel accessible and exciting, it encourages you to lean into creating a lifestyle that that also feels accessible and exciting.

Sometimes elevating your life can be as simple as enjoying your favorite potato chips with a salad that nourished you and took less than 10 mins to make.

Taking care of yourself gets to be easy… and it also gets to look different every day.

#selfcare #selflove #easysalads #healthysalads #fyp #foryoupage
took a little inspiration from @olivianoceda and made some dark chocolate-dipped sumo orange slices 🍊

added a little flare with some freeze dried strawberries and hemp hearts.

I’ve always been a fan of anything orange + dark chocolate and these definitely did not disappoint! 🧡

-peel orange slices
-melt dark chocolate chips with about a tablespoon of coconut oil
-add flaky sea salt, hemp hearts, freeze dried strawberries or any other toppings you’d like
-freeze for 5-7 mins
-enjoy !!

#snacks #healthysnacks #treats #kitchenvlog #cookingasmr #lifestyletips #lifestyleconsultant
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