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Great things start small! When we plant our seeds we expect a harvest.

🌱We know that sowing is the beginning and the harvest comes at the end.

🪴The harvest produces more seeds to be sown. Thus the cycle continues.

⏰However, there is a break between harvest and sowing. This gives the ground time to recover the nutrients from feeding the previous crop and prepare to nourish the next one.

⏱️The point I want to make is, what happens in “the meantime” determines what we produce.

👩🏾‍🌾If you don’t care for what you have sown your harvest may not come!

💤If you don’t rest at the right time, your harvest may not come!

The assumption here is that you are planting good seeds into good soil.

There is a time and a season for everything. What season are you in? Do you know?

Join me for Lunch & Learn to get more information about sowing and reaping cycles.

💰Register for packages and save. Tuesday and Thursday dates available.

Lunch & Learn: A Series for Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs on 06/13/23 @12:00(CDT), interested?


Lunch & Learn: A Series for Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs on 06/22/23 @12:00(CDT), interested?


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