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Jenn Kautsch


💜SoberMinded Sisterhood 🍹21 Day RESET Challenge 💃🏻 No more Detox to Retox

Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and the City, made drinking look fantastic. Am I right? The stylish writer sipping a Cosmo🍸 at a crowded bar was the essence of glamour and sophistication. And whether we've been changing diapers, hustling at work or hassling teens to unload the dishwasher, Carrie Bradshaw was living the life anyone would want. She was young. She was attractive. She was successful. She was surrounded by her girls. Who wouldn't want that life?!🙋🏻‍♀️

Now, I'm not going to say that we consciously believe a mix of vodka, liqueur, and a few fruity juices is going to secure all that Carrie had, but ... who could fault us if we hoped a little bit? Alcohol manufacturers have poured millions of dollars into convincing us that alcohol is going to make our lives better. Their ads feature happy, fit, sexy, attractive people having fun and relaxing with their friends. There's even the suggestion that this is where we will be known and accepted for who we are. And who wouldn't want that?

The problem is that these advertisers are making a promise on which alcohol can never deliver. pg.21-22 To be con... To read more about the truth behind alcohol grab your copy of "Look Alive, Sis" 40 Days to Awaken Your Sober Mind

Use link in my bio to order your copy today!🤓

What's been your experience with what alcohol centric marketing and movies promise verses the reality?

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