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🐌Slime Shop Coming Soon🌙🪐 Melbourne🇊🇺 slimespiracy.com

New Slime Shop!!!! Take a trip into the unknown where anything is possible... 🊄🗿🐪🏞🐄👜🧚‍♀🧙‍♂🌈⭐☀🌙 #slimespiracy #slime #slimeshop #aussieslimer #esoteric #ancientcivilizations #myth #legend #fairytale #conspiracy  created by SlimeSpiracy with PEARL WHITE’s TRANSGENDER (PEARL WHITE VIP)
@Pilot Slime Review -
Part 10 - ASMR


We have finally come to a close on the Pilot Slime 10 Part review series. I apologise for taking longer than I anticipated but we got there in the end 😅🥰

❀Name: Love Spawn
💗Texture: Froggy bead crunch bomb
💖Scent: Unscented (smells kinda sweet, no nasty glue smell)

I chose to only do the one part Asmr version of this one as I have kinda ran outa time coz I need to get my butt into gear and work on my own slime shop launch 😅

This one is super pretty with a subtle pigment shift and micro glitters which you can see in the sun light. I love the mix of red and pink froggy heart beads. who ever said red and pink don't go together? 😂😏

It gives clicky pops and super cool squeeky frog sounds. Mine was a little underactivated coz I took so long to film but it was so perfect I love it.


#slime #slimespiracy #pilotslimereview #slimereview #crunchbomb #asmr
@Pilot Slime Review - ASMR - Part 9


🍓Name: Chocolate Covered Strawberry
🍓Texture: Classic school glue thickie
🍓Scent: Choc covered strawberries

Omg this one is so underated! The scent is so realistic and quite strong but it smells amazing and I want to be covered in it 😂😏
The texture is so fun, clicky and makes great bubble pops. It also inflates a ton. If this texture comes back you should totally try it!


#slime #slimespiracy #chocolate #strawberry #slimereview #pilotslimereview #asmr
@Pilot Slime Review - Part 8 V2


👜Name: Alien Invasion
🐄Texture: Pigment putty lava rock
👜Scent: Girly shampoo/bodywash

I love this slime so much. It is super pretty holo in certain lights with different shades of green. was underactivated which was totally my fault coz I took too long to film 😅 It inflates a ton and the bubble pops are sooo good 🀀🀩

I have been MIA for a while but I am back to finish up my pilot Slime review series and then on to big exciting things...

Opening my own Slime shop!!!! Eeekkk super exciting. More info coming soon so stay tuned! 👀


#slime #slimereview #slimespiracy #review #alien
@Pilot Slime Review -
Part 8 V1 - ASMR


👜Name: Alien Invasion
🐄Texture: Pigment putty lava rock
👜Scent: Girly shampoo/body wash (as per description)

This one is super magical! I love seperating the top layer of putty so I can have the ultimate crunch bomb with the lava rocks.

Super pretty and in the right light it is rainbow holographic 😍🌈 Was a little underactivated coz my lazy ass took too long to film it 😂😅😏

Stay tuned for Version 2 👀


#slime #pilotslimereview #slimereview #slimespiracy #alieninvasion #reviews #asmr #slimeasmr
@Pilot Slime Review
Part 7 V1 - ASMR Edition

🌈Name: Melted Opal
💎Texture: Putty
🌈Scent: Sweater Weather

This slime wasn't as thick as it was when it arrived as my slack ass waited too long to film it. but oh my it's amazing!! 😍


#slime #pilotslimereview #opal #asmr #review #slimereview #reviewvideo #slimeasmr #asmrvideo #putty #clearslime
@Pilot Slime Review
Part 6 - ASMR Edition

💗Name: Fuck Love
💗Texture: Thin white glue perlite base with clay piece
💗Scent: White Chocolate raspberry cream puff 😋


#perliteslime #slime #pilotslimereview #asmr #review #slimereview #slimeasmr #asmrvideo #clay
@Pilot Slime Review
Part 5 V2- Outside Edition

💚Name: Mystery Slime
💚Texture: Coated Clear Pigment
💚Scent: Unknown (light to med Masculine perfume smell)


This was a freebie that Pilot Slime so kindly included in my first order with them. The lid cracked in transit which is why it's taped up but the slime survived 😅😁

#slime #pilotslimereview #coatedclear #asmr #slimereview #review #satisfying #pigment
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