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It’s Day 26 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Deep Clean Trash Cans 🗑️ ✨🧼

Today, I am taking all of our interior trash cans and giving them a thorough wipe down. I’m also cleaning any cabinets or sliders they are encased in. I always recommend giving areas with crumbs or dust a good vacuum before spraying and wiping down - it’s more efficient 🥹 and you don’t end up wiping wet dust everywhere 😅.

If weather permits, you can also clean your outside trash bin. I will not be showing mine in this video as we haven’t had our outside faucet turned back on yet (Midwest living 😉💕) and for safety reasons. 🥹

Trash cans you might need to
#springclean :
✨kitchen trash cans
✨bathroom trash cans
✨garage trash cans
✨home office trash can
✨kids room trash cans
✨laundry trash / lint bin
✨basement trash can
✨outside trash bin

Did I forget any? 😂

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It’s Day 25 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Deep Clean Showerheads 🧼✨🙌 (bookmark / save this one for later 😉)

If your showerhead looks like mine did, with buildup on the nozzles, a quick and easy
#cleaninghack you can use is to take…
✨1/4 cup baking soda
✨1 tbsp. dish soap (I use Dawn)

Add super hot 🥵 water in a gallon size plastic bag and tie the bag with a rubber band to your showerhead. Make sure to submerge all of the nozzles.

Wait a few hours (you can also do this in the morning before work or at night before bed). Remove the bag carefully, and wipe the nozzles clean with a rag.

And you’re done 😍🙌

If your showers have curtains, now is a great time to change them out! Aim to exchange the curtain liner every 6 months or so, and wash the outside curtain every 1-2 months (depending on how fast they get dirty) 🥰. You can also clean your liner between exchanges by soaking it in the tub with a big squirt of dish soap, about 1/2 cup of baking soda and SUPER HOT water 🙌. (You can also use bleach, but if your shower liner has magnets in the bottom, I would advise against it so you don’t experience rusting or corrosion of the magnets 🥹).

Is this on your #springcleaning to do list? 😍👇

#springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #springcleanwithme #sahmsoftiktok #homemakertiktok #homemakertok #homemakingtips #cleanwithmemotivation #bathroomcleaning #showercleaning
🧼It’s day 23 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Mini Blinds ✨🥰 (save/bookmark this for later!)

This is one of my favorite
#cleaninghacks because you just soak and go😍👋

In a bathtub or large kitchen sink, submerge your mini blinds in HOT water until they are covered. Add in about 1 tsp. of dish soap and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Soak your mini blinds for about an hour, and rinse with cool water. Dry your blinds with a microfiber cloth, and hang back up 👏

⚠️Soaking is never recommended for wood blinds. If you have a lot of dust buildup on the slats, you may benefit from vacuuming your mini blinds first so you don’t clog your sink. Keep track of the little pieces that help secure your blinds in place - you can place these in your pocket or a sandwich bag while you soak your mini blinds🥹⚠️

Is this on your #springcleaning to do list? 😍👇

#springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #springcleanwithme #sahmsoftiktok #homemakertiktok #homemakertok #homemakingtips #miniblinds #cleaninghacks101 #cleanwithmemotivation
🧼It’s Day 22 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Deep Cleaning Carpets 😍✨🙌

Benefits to
#carpetcleaning :
✨remove dirt and soil from your carpet (ideal for homes with kids and pets)
✨eliminates odors and stains
✨can help improve your indoor air quality
✨can extend the life, look, and feel of your carpet

I love my carpet cleaner (linked in my Amazon storefront under my ‘Cleaning Favorites’ list 🥰) because it mixes the solution and water for me, works great, is easy to use and clean, and it has a dry-only mode 😍🙌.

I can get this task done and the carpet completely dry in as little as two hours from start to dry 🥹.

P.S. one fleck of dirt can turn a whole tank of water brown - so don’t feel the need to push and do this on your carpets until the water runs clear. It just won’t 😅👌. Not unless you invest in a machine that costs a whole lot more 😉 which isn’t necessary for a normal household.

Is this on your #springcleaning to do list? 😍👇

#springcleanwithme #springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #2023springcleaning #sahmsoftiktok #homemakertiktok #homemakertok #homemakingtips
It’s Day 19 of my Spring Clwaning Challenge: Sink + Garbage Disposal Deep Clean 🧼✨🙌

⚠️Before wiping out your disposal, make sure it is unplugged. ⚠️

To deep clean our
#garbagedisposal , I scrub the sink out and run hot soapy water down the drain. Then I use:
✨1/4 cup baking soda
✨4-6 ice cubes (no exact measurement here 👋😉)
✨1/4 cup kosher salt

Push the ice cubes down into the disposal, then plug it back in. Run the disposal for a few minutes to let it chop up the ice, then run cold water to rinse it out.

After I’m done, I’ll add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil, and part ways ✌️

Is this on your #springcleaning to do list? 🥰👇👇

#springcleanwithme #springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #2023springcleaning #kitchencleaningtips #cleanwithmemotivation #sahmsoftiktok #deepcleaning
🧼It’s Day 18 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Pantry Deep Cleaning & Organization 😍✨

And I’m taking EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. OUT.

For this
#pantrycleanout , I want to wipe down the walls and shelves of our pantry. I’m using some Murphy’s Oil Soap (I like to buy the big jug of it and dilute it myself) on a Swedish dish cloth. I like to vacuum up all the dust and scraps before wiping anything down, though, for a more thorough clean 🧼🥰.

Every couple of months, I will condition our pantry shelves further with some orange oil. 🍊

After the pantry interior is clean, I can start consolidating multiple items, eliminating boxes that just take up space, and sort food items in a way that makes sense for our family.

The key to cleaning your pantry is creating an empty space within it if you can - this helps ensure your next grocery order doesn’t further clutter the shelves and you can accommodate new items (or the ebb and flow that happens on the shelves with other people in your home moving things around 😉).

⚠️Be realistic with your space - if baskets don’t make sense, don’t use them. If you constantly rotate containers for different items, fancy container labels might not be the way to go. And if you have kids - know that your pantry needs and storage will continue to change every few years, so focus on function, not perfection. 🥹⚠️

Is this on your #springcleaning to do list? 🥰🧼👇

#springcleanwithme #springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #slayathome #2023springcleaning #pantrycleaning #kitchencleaningtips #cleanwithmemotivation #sahmsoftiktok
It’s Day 13 of my Spring Cleaning Challenge: Dryer Vent and Washer cleaning day ✨🧼🥰

Want to know something strange?? My washer doesn’t have a filter. And I hate that. I was misinformed when we purchased our top loading washer, and we ended up with one that doesn’t have a filter. None. Nada.

So I’m missing some ultra satisfying cleaning inspiration there 🥸🥺.

For that fact, we run a washer cleaner through monthly to help maintain it - but our next washer, I’m triple-checking the filter presence 😅👀.

Your filter can be in a number of places on your washer - the bottom, the backside, or the front, depending on the model.

Something we also do monthly is vacuum this dryer vent filter and deep clean it - I grabbed this neat tool that attaches to your vacuum hose (it’s linked in my Amazon Favorites >> Cleaning Favorites list 🥰✨🙌) that can snake in this spot and grab all that extra lint.

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked under your dryer vent filter, bows a great time to check! 🙌 I’ve also taken a paper towel tube and used that as a makeshift attachment - no lie 🤣. It wasn’t as effective or efficient, but it worked in a pinch 🤷‍♀️.

I’m also taking apart the washer’s liquid detergent dispenser and deep cleaning it - you can fill yourself taking it apart so you can remember how to put it back together!

Are you
#springcleaning now, or waiting until the first official day of spring (March 20th?) 😍👇👇

#springcleanwithme #springcleaningchallenge #slayathomemother #slayathome #2023springcleaning #springcleaning2023 #deepcleaning #dryerventcleaning #dryervent #laundryroomclean #sahmsoftiktok #deepcleantok
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