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Starting in October, I started experiencing chronic pain in my body. I chocked it up to three months of hitting the gym every day and needing some rest. However, I only got worse as the month went on. I set on a path to sort out what was causing this pain, the working theory is hEDS, a hyper mobile connective tissue disorder.

I saw the specialist who confirmed that I most likely have hEDS on Tuesday October 25th. The next day I woke up in more pain than I have ever experienced.

“Push through it” is something I repeat to myself a lot. This day I was sobbing through those words as tried to continue on with my day. When I couldn’t even keep water down, I started to worry. I was afraid to ask for help, as I was living in a very toxic household environment where I felt as though I wasn’t allowed to “cause problems.” I worried that my sickness would be seen as attention seeking, and I didn’t want to cause trouble.

I eventually called an ambulance because I couldn’t bare the pain any longer and my cat looked so scared I figured he must smell something. Turns out, I was in the early stages of septic shock from a severe kidney infection. I was about 24-48 hours away from death and complete organ failure.

Sepsis has a tendency to uncover or accelerate any underlying conditions. The infection ate through the tissue in my joints, especially my ribcage and shoulders. I cannot function without a rib brace, and my joints constantly sublux and dislocate. My energy levels are destroyed, I live on pain medications, and I’m learning to navigate new PTSD symptoms from the whole experience.
My body was returned to me, but not my mind or my soul. It feels as though they’re trapped behind ice, and I have to simply wait for time to thaw them free. All I seem to have the ability to do is sleep and process what happened to me through cryptic works of art I sometimes struggle to make sense of.

#chronicillness #sepsissurvivor #ehlersdanlos #actuallyautistic #adhdinwomen #independentartist #neardeathexperences
Add on that #audhd survival mode and suddenly life’s a video game and my character is getting hurt not meeeeee #actuallyautistic #oldestdaughter #adhdinwomen #audhder #audhdtok
#stitch with @thecrinkle I’m gonna remember like three more that are funnier than these and it’s gonna piss me off #bits #actuallyautistic #adhdinwomen #candycrush10 #bit
#stitch with @kenanblair there’s points of privilege and pain for both, maybe it’s not about who has it worse but how we bridge the gap? #actuallyautistic #adhdinwomen #neurodivergent #autismacceptance #latediagnosedautistic #latediagnosis
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