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Dermatology PA-C making custom skincare easy for you! SydneyGivens.com/consults



We live and we learn, but I want you to learn these the easy way!

These 3 questions come up daily from DMs, consults etc

1 do I need THIS product?? Everyone is talking about it.
👉🏼 the question is do you need the ingredient so it depends on other products you’re using and your skin type.

2 I’m doing my routine but my pores still bother me. Should I buy this product that advertises pores no more? 👉🏼 😡 NO. I’m so mad at skincare brands that falsely market this. Some ingredients help maintain or prevent but you have to find an esthetician to see actual improvement. You need at home skincare too, but think of seeing an esthetician as a tune up. Microneedling is my fav treatment for pores.

3 should I wear sunscreen every day? 👉🏼 YES! Every AM. Use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or more. It can be tinted and even be your makeup👍🏼 Don't rely on the SPF in your makeup. Either mix it with a sunscreen or apply sunscreen before makeup as your moisturizer.

Are you making these
#skincaremistakes ?

I want you to know there’s always hope! The answer is a COMPLETE ROUTINE with products paired on #purpose , and I'm committed to every woman having personalized skincare no matter their budget or life situation.

I’m passionate about the services we provide because 🤜skincare marketing.

It's why I created a new FREE resource- THE Instant Skincare Routine. Sign up at the link in bio to be the first to know when it officially launches in February!

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