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Helping parents serve up affordable, simple food their families will love.

The veg have made it to Italy! #EatThemToDefeatThem with delicious family favourites recipes, tips and more fun over on https://eatthemtodefeatthem.com/pasta-power-play/ Feel my power!
The veg have got all the way to North Africa and Arabia! #EatThemToDefeatThem and have some extra fun doing it over at https://eatthemtodefeatthem.com/couscous-clash/ Bring it on veggies!
The veg have dug their way to the centre of the earth! #EatThemToDefeatThem with some help from eatthemtodefeatthem.com/dig-down-pie Dig for victory!
The veg have arrived in New York #EatThemToDefeatThem with our Pizza Hunt page over at eatthemtodefeatthem.com/pizza-hunt This slice is mine!
The veg have been found in the jungles of Central & South America! #EatThemToDefeatThem by heading over to eatthemtodefeatthem.com/chilli-quest for inspiration and fun! Hasta la vista veggies!
The veg have made it to Southeast Asia! #EatThemToDefeatThem by heading to eatthemtodefeatthem.com/curry-crackdown for lots of kid-friendly fun! You're going down veggies!
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