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Silence the Violence and Shun


Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns is the leading North American N.G.O....



Ever since Toronto mayor John Tory announced a week ago Friday his abrupt resignation within an hour of the Toronto star published online about his extramarital affair, we have been watching very closely on how things would unfold. We would have preferred for the now former mayor to serve his final 3rd term for several reasons, his commitment to his job, his numerous achievements past mayors were unable or did not want to do, the ability to bring governments together to move tge city of Toronto forward, the current state of the city, the millions of tax payers dollars to hold a by-election, but especially because the founder had done what he calls "the billion dollar photo shoot" with him in 2018. Several planned revenue streams and employment for at-risk youth will result by us from him being the sitting mayor. For the most part, most of the public responded very positively when they saw the 3 X 2 foot signs we displayed when we did our advocacy work, especially with the wealthy and in their communities. Although it appears to be split whether John Tory should stay on or leave, his decision to leave, although admiral, could have some impact on our timelines with our initiative. Most importantly, is the date of the launch of our car washing and lawn care service which is pegged for May 1, 2023. A meeting by city hall was being arranged for the founder and John Tory on the same week John Tory held a late night press conference to announce his decision to resign. How things can change so abruptly and quickly. While we are still very optimistic on our plans for 2023, to stay on schedule will depend on the response of the public. We could be pushed back. Our grassroots progress, which has placed us in this unique and historic position always was based on the guiding principles of economic science and how the public responds. Hopefully the public can see past this unfortunate and unanticipated development with John Tory but we also... See our complete statement on Facebook.

#canada #ontario #toronto #johntory #gunviolence #endgunviolence #gunviolencemen #gunviolencewomen #stopgunviolence #stopgunviolencenow #economicscience #2a #fy

Well, well, well. #BanTrophyHunting #gunviolence #stop #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #fy

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