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Sid... Your tour guide. 👣 Running real tours again finally! 👌🏻 Info 🔽


Australia ain't so scary.

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Here’s the story…

(First of all, a big thanks to everyone who made this trip possible!)

We are flying into LA on July 23.

Then flying to Dallas on July 24 to pick up an 80’s series Land Cruiser from
@Black Dog Traders , who have generously donated the beast for the trip.

July - 25 Drive towards Santa Fe to begin a 3-week trip around the 4-corners filming the videos that you love.

This time, I will be filming the whole thing with longer format in mind. Constructing it in a way where we cover topics like geology, plants, animals and (hopefully) culture allocated into different locations for each episode. I hope to include some of the traveling as well, so you feel like you’re on the tour. Also keeping the short form in mind, I will chop it up and repurpose the main talks on here.

(I’ll be doing this trip by myself and mostly camping. Happy to hear of anyone who has tips, secret knowledge or a place for a tent along the way.)

July 16 to 23 I travel with a small production crew from Flagstaff AZ to Los Angeles. This is to create a ‘sizzle reel’ to pitch to networks. I’ll keep that under wraps for now, as the itinerary is still being finalised. But, my theory is, if we can have a good time travelling around together… the work should be easy.

25 - 31 of August is an unknown at this point.

Flying out of LA Sep 1.

Landing in Melbourne September 3rd with 4 days to get to the start of the first desert tour of the season September 9-18. (5-seats left)

And finally, September 22-27 I run a Geo-Disney Northern Flinders tour (3-seats left) before I have a week to sit down! ;)

Thanks again to everyone who has pitched in to make this happen and also those who have offered help in The States.

I’m really looking forward this… I’ve been thinking about it for years!
#question for the #teachers .
I've been in bed for a week with a bit of exhaustion, it was really hard to film this. 🫣 But it had to be done due to something big that's simmering in the background! Any insights into how my videos have been used would be really helpful to learn. Thanks guys! X
3/7 - #music
A week long series focusing on Australian Indigenous themes and stories. "The True Story" week.
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