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shy kids


a band of filmmakers ... toronto

lovin you (baby) is out on all streamers, and the video is live on youtube! link in bio 😺😺😺

from patrick :

sitting on a subway car, sheltered from the cold night, staring at the person you love, coming up on (or down from) whatever trip you both chose to take that evening, lost in your haze, but appreciating their shape and their energy - loving them completely. the bones of this song were produced on a laptop in australia in late 2018, when i was half a world away from the person i loved. and the lyrics came in 2022, after a few years of living with one another, and countless nights out in the cold, coming down together.

the idea with the video was to take that hallucinatory trip and bounce between the real and the feral, the human and the animal. all the feelings of being lost out in the world and lost up in your head together. and when you close your eyes, how it feels to come up, blind behind your eyelids.

#musicvideo #aiart #aivideo #stablediffusion #newmusic #stablewarpfusion #lyrics #songwriters #toronto
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