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#latergram - I looove finding unique gifts that are either vintage/antique, customized, made-to-order,
or from small businesses.

Here are some of gifts I had made or #foundonetsy this year including antique pieces for my uncle’s train set, this personalized @Bush ticket stub pillow, a personalized welcome mat for my parents’ boat, and some cool framed patent/blueprints for my hubby and brother!

(**some things shown in this video are stock photos prior to customization, bc I forgot to take pics of the finished products!) 🛍️

#christmasgifts #abshuckantiques #shuckxmas #latergram #supportsmallbusiness #personalized #customized #antique #handmade #madetoorder #gifts #etsy #givinggiftsismylovelanguage 🎁
been slacking on #ootd / #whatiwore / #lotd / #outfitselfie posts lately, so here’s a photo dump / #latergram for the past month or so! 💃🏼

#glitzburgh 👗
Thank you all! 😇 This isn’t a sad video; it’s a collection of ways that Brutus has been honored & memorialized, ways I’ve coped, ways you all have shown kindness & support! (+ a belated thank you!) 💕

From the dobie socks, Willow Tree dog, cards + memorial stone I got @mike.shuck.ndofit, to the cookies from Toyin, to the plaque + print from my parents, to the Rainbow Bridge from Didi, to the toys/treats I got Olive & Pip to cheer them up, to the Snoopy items (Coach stuff, loungewear, containers,) and dog notebook I treated myself to (because Snoopy’s snoot & personality remind me of Brutus,) 

… to the flowers from Chewy, to my trip to a psychic medium + healing crystals I got there, to the candle I lit for him at church, to the bracelet Tara sent me, to the paw print tattoos I got for Brutus, Maggie, and Lucy, to
the antique concrete cow Mike got me (because I loved it & cows also remind me of Brutus), to the “love” we saw carved in a tree in the woods the day after Brutus passed, to the sweet candle from Danielle, to the cardinal figurine I got the weekend after he left us, 

… to the generous plethora of very thoughtful gifts from Jacquie, to notes/cards from coworkers, to his ashes, pawprint, and fur, to the memorial cabinet/ofrenda/grief shrine I set up downstairs for Brutus, Maggie, and my grandparents, to the prints I had made + his collar frame, to the custom memorial ornaments, to keeping his & Maggie’s stockings up + dedicating our holiday card to him this year, to the beautiful canvas print from my brother & his family, to those who donated to the fundraiser in Brutus’ honor, listened to the podcast, watched my video memorial, or read my written tributes, to
the blanket/toy/treat donation we’ll give Distinguished Dobermans Rescue,

I HOPE he can feel how much he was loved by us, and MANY others, and I hope you all can see how much we loved him too. 

I desperately want another big dog, but no one will *ever* replace my baby boy Brutus.

THANK YOU all for recognizing how special he truly was! 🐾 And please stay tuned for a project in his honor. 🌈 👩🏼‍💻

#boobiebrutus a#thankfulgratefulblessed u#shuckzoo s#abshuck g#dogmom s#lastboop m#memorial anks
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