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Trash Queen


Trash Queen 💖 tiny, made to order, plus size friendly alt fashion brand 💖


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#answer to guavanana we chose not to this year because we were moving & it would have been very difficult to manage! but i will think about ways we can make up for it 🤔✨
Replying to @mothrathemoth so glad to hear this (because i am also obsessed with this silhouette!) & we do have plans!!! one of many things coming down the pipeline 💖
Replying to @linzyratbrat also i don’t get why any brand like torrid with like 20+ years of archives and brand history would tackle a retro trend They Were Literally Around For so ineptly. like it could have been virtually a rerelease & i think they would have made bank lmao!!!
Replying to @dahmerandblitzen i thought it’d be kinda fun to share these vintage torrid images with y’all! what do you think of these pieces? did you shop at torrid back in the early 2000s?
Replying to @unconventionalpotato they were never part of the collection! which is why this whole situation has baffled me, it’s a fully unnecessary risk (and tbh, it doesn’t even look good)
Replying to @emmefen i’ve actually been trying to look into what’s happening with Torrid’s reviews today… 🤨
#stitch with @megsforfun y’all they are scrambling agdkgdskdb
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