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It’s almost time… this years cauldron candles will launch October 1st at noon eastern time (along with the skull candles!)

Like last year, these will be available in 3 colors and 3 scents. I did switch them up this year to keep it exciting! 👀

This years color options are: purple, teal and black. We will have a couple of each scent made with no dye as well.

The scents are: ginger and spice (a sweet and warm and slightly spiced treat), cardamom tea and grapefruit (a cozy, herbal, warm and somehow bright blend), and eucalyptus and cedar (for those of you who want the feeling of walking through a winter forest) ❤️

These will be available in VERY limited quantities. Same goes for the skulls. These are the same 22oz cauldrons from last year. On October 13th we will do a launch of smaller 12oz cauldrons, so if you miss these, you’ll still have another chance 🫶 $55 and will come with a large custom Evil Queen sticker ‼️

Full scent notes below!

Ginger and Spice:

top: lemon, orange
mid: ginger, sugar
base: vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice

Cardamom Tea and Grapefruit

top: red grapefruit, pear
mid: cardamom tea, patchouli, white rose
base: cinnamon, , sandalwood, vanilla, musk

Eucalyptus and Cedar

top: citrus, menthol
mid: palo santo, saffron, violet, eucalyptus
base: sandalwood, cedar, smoke, amber

Lmk if you have any questions!! 🥰
#cauldroncandle #cauldroncandles #spookyseason
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