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For your Mind Body and Soul ✌🏽Manifesting Shit DAILY www.boujeehippie.co



Repost from @shopboujeehippie

It’s Gametime🏀⛹🏽‍♀️
Today is the first day of our
#Marchmadness Sale!
We are passing you an assist with 20$ OFF on the Ignite Fat Burner and the Meltdown Detox 😱. All you have to do is slam dunk it at checkout.
Don’t play defense on your summer body by missing your shot on all the different March Madness Sales.
Everyday will be a different sale on our Boujee Hippie products!👀
Double tap this post if you are headed to the website!
#marchmadness #sale #marchmadnesssales #boujeehippie
Repost from @shopboujeehippie

#GRWM Ladies we keeping it right n tight all year long! @tiffaniencompanies

I love the @shopboujeehippie Baby Got Back Thong Shaper because it literally sucks you in. No more fupa🙅🏽‍♀️!! I can put my favorite dress and know that everything is tucked and compressed!
Wearing @bdonnas Don’t sweat it multi cardigan
Dress @zara
Baby Got Back thong shaper @shopboujeehippie
Y’all heard what she said! The #boujeebawdy challenge has STARTED🙌🏾✨Hey Boujee Babe!
It’s time for the Boujee Bawdy Challenge!!
-Challenge is 30 days you should post each week to motivate your followers to keep going
-Each week a lucky Boujee Babe could win $1,000(chosen at random)
-Winners must use the products, 30 minutes of exercise, use one of the meal plans, half gallon of water, 8 hours of sleep each night
-YOU must tag @shopboujeehippie in YOUR posts
#teamegypt @Ecario
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