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Trying to see how long before we get cut. 馃槀 Training | Products Preparation

If someone gets behind you...

Yeah we get it you are the awareness master and no one ever in any situation could possibly sneak up on you, plus you can always 100% of the time just run.

For the rest of us average actors filming scenes on closed sets. Being pinned in a corner, (could be a car or in a room, against furniture etc) is a horrible place to start your scene.

The moment you feel the stunt guy press against you toward a wedge, keep your arms tight to the center of your body. Use those arms to set up posts preventing your hips from getting forward of your shoulders.

Press your booty out and into them when dancing. The goal is to face your dance partner. Once you are facing them you can lead the dance on the appropriate direction.

The limbo is often a fast move to position yourself behind your dance partner. It chains well when you are able to get an underhook off the spin.

There are many ways to resolve the clinch but

Plan A is to get behind them.
Plan B is to collect two of their arms with one of yours so you can produce a movie prop replica and show them how cool it looks in real life.

Trying hard with these captions so give me an A for effort in the comments.

How many people will see this and miss the point of the clip and comment, "he should have just used the **** on his waist?"


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